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Monster 1.1.1


Mod NameVersion
Advanced Buildcraft Objects1.0.7.560
Advanced Genetics1.4.1
Alternate Terrain Generation0.9.4
Applied Energistics14.finale3
Better Storage0.8.0.45
BiblioWoods - BoP1.3
BiblioWoods - Forestry1.3
BiblioWoods - Highlands1.1
BiblioWoods - Natura1.1
Big Reactors0.3.0A
Binnie's Mods1.8.0
Biomes O Plenty1.2.1.416
Blood Magic1.0.0b
Calclavia Core1.1.1.68
Chicken Chunks1.3.3.4
Compact Solars4.4.19.278
Compact Windmills1.0.3.0
Craft Heraldry1.0.3
denPipes - Emerald1.1.6
denPipes - Forestry1.1.8
Dynamic Tanks 20.0.8a
Emasher's Resource1.2.3.4
Engineer's Toolbox1.1.8.3
Enhanced Portals 33.0.0.b5c
Expanded Redstone19
Extra Cells1.6.7d
Extra Utilities1.0.3a
Forge Multipart1.0.0.250
Gate Copy3.1.4
Hopper Ducts1.2.2
Industrial Craft 2 Exp2.0.397
Inventory Tweaks1.5.6-b77
Iron Chests5.4.1.697
Lycanites Mobs1.4.9d
Magic Bees2.1.12
Magical Crops3.2.0beta15a
Modular Powersuits0.9.0-84
NEI Addons1.10.4.64
NEI Plugins1.1.0.6
Nether Ores2.2.2-55
Not Enough Items1.6.1.9
Not Enough Keys0.0.4
Nuclear Control1.6.2e
OpenMods Lib0.4b
OpenPeripheral Addons0.1.3
OpenPeripheral Core0.3.3
Portal Gun2.0.2
Power Converters2.4.0.pre3
Powersuits Addons1.6.4-884
Project Red4.3.5.30
Random Things1.9
Redstone Arsenal1.0.0.0
Rei's Minimap3.4.01
Roguelike Dungeon Mod1.5.0
Sort Fix1.0
Special Mobs2.6
Steve's Carts2.0.0.b10
Thaumcraft 44.1.0g
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects1e-b2
Thaumic Tinkerer2.3-130
Thaumic Tinkerer KAMIj6
Thermal Expansion3.0.0.2
Tinker's Construct1.5.3
Tinker's Mechworks0.1.4.2
Torch Levers1.3.2
Twilight Forest1.20.5
Universal Electricity Core3.0.1.27
Zan's Minimap1.6.4

Version Changes

  • Added Electricraft 19b
  • Updated AOBD 1.3.0 - 1.3.1
    • Fixed
      • IC2 recipe derp
  • Updated Backpacks 1.26.29 - 1.27.34
    • Changed
      • A Worn backpack can now pick up items. You can configure up to 9 items that should be picked up
    • Fixed
      • Worn backpack wasn't counted for max backpack amount
      • Worn backpack was always showing the default name in inventory GUI
      • Sometimes UUID wasn't generated properly
      • CCC has removed InventoryUtils, copied from old version
      • Saved recipe was incrasing amount when crafted multiple times directly after saving
  • Updated bdlib -
  • Updated Big Reactors 0.2.15A - 0.3.0A
    • The changelog for this update is too big to post here, please view the changes here: Link
  • Updated Blood Magic 0.7.2b - 1.0.0b
    • Added
      • Spell System
      • Ballad of Alchemy
      • More alchemy recipes
      • NEI support for Blood Altar and Alchemical Chemistry Set
      • Ice recipe to alchemy
      • Water breathing potion to the potion list
    • Fixed
      • Issue with Blood Altar registry
      • Server lag issue with the boost potion effect, and made it work slightly differently
      • Recipe Issue with Altars
      • Crafting issue with Demonic Slates
      • Issue with Galacticraft
      • Mycelium
      • Earth Environmental Melee spell
      • Drowning effect so it only works if you don't have waterbreathing on
      • Bug where an item could kill you multiple times
      • Related bug where the mod could kill you even if you still have half a heart
  • Updated DragonAPI 18b - 19b
  • Updated DyeTrees 18 - 19
    • Added
      • Lots of aspects to rainbow leaves
  • Updated Dynamic Tanks 0.0.7 - 0.0.8a
    • Changed
      • When placing upgrade module, you must click on a block that has a controller adjacent
      • Controller will now only retain contents if placed in the same location it was broken. This is temporary and will be changed with a different mechanic in the future
    • Fixed
      • Crash when removing a filled controller and placing it next to a new set of tanks
      • Upgrade module and upgrade items not have crafting recipes
      • Crash when placing an upgrade module and it is not directly connected to a controller
      • Incompatibility Bug with OpenBlocks enchantment table
      • Syncing issues with controllers and tanks
  • Updated Emasher Resource -
    • Minor Bug fixes
  • Updated EnderIO -
    • Minor Bug Fixes
    • Registered EnderIO alloys in the Ore Dictionary
  • Updated Engineers Toolbox -
    • Fixed
      • Sockets and creatin other blocks not syncing properly with the client after they've been moved
      • Accelerometers beng able to trigger tracks and elevators
  • Updated Expanded Redstone 18 - 19
  • Updated Gendustry -
    • Added
      • Extractor
      • Liquifier
      • Replicator
      • Transposer
      • Scooporator MX200 Turbo
      • Environmental Processor
      • Desert/Plains/Jungle Emulation Upgrade
      • Genetic Stabilizer Upgrade
      • BC Gate Triggers
      • Hints in the GUI
      • Config options for sapling drops with grafter
      • Command /givetemplate
    • Changed
      • Hell Upgrade recipe changed
      • Hell Upgrade now affects humidity
      • Genetic Templates now show the number of chromosomes (always) and list of missing (with shift)
      • Apiaries can now be controlled via redstone signal
  • Updated GeoStrata 18 - 19b
    • Added
      • Crystal Blooms
      • Crystal Pendants
    • Fixed
      • Some Plant Bugs
  • Updated JABBA 1.1.1a - 1.1.2c
    • Added
      • Creative Core Upgrade
      • More Quality Of Life storage upgrades to account for the higher tiers.
    • Changed
      • Structural upgrade items will now display the material defined in config.
      • Structural upgrade items will have a color related to the material defined in config.
      • Upgraded barerls will have a color related to the material defined in config.
      • Maximum tier is now 18, defined in config.
      • Included handling for Adventure & Creative modes.
    • Fixed
      • Texture bug relating to mods extending JABBA
      • Ghost Blocks
      • Minor Bug Fixes/Cleanup
      • Memory Problems during texture creation
      • Side problem with hopper upgrades
      • Hopper upgrade will now properly call onInventoryChanged.
      • Internal handling of external calls to onInventoryChanged properly done. Should fix the sync prbs.
      • Fixed a dolly problem with barrels leading to orphan TEs.
      • Fixed item dup when barrels are moved by other external agents.
      • Backup Jabba file data will be use in case of main file failure.
      • Problem with dynamic texture creation on items with ID > 4096
  • Updated Logistics Pipes -
    • Added
      • Support to route LP though TE item conduits
      • Support for EnderIO HyperCube
      • Enchantment module
      • LP Power Transportation
    • Fixes
      • Various Bug Fixes
  • Updated Lycanites Mobs 1.4.7b - 1.4.9d
    • Added
      • Jabberwock
      • Frostweaver
      • Frostweb Projectile
      • Weight Effect
      • Config option to enable/disable mob taming
      • Config Option to enable/disable mob mounting
      • Config options to modify mob drops
      • Dynamic persistence where farmable mobs such as pinkies can now be set to spawn as monsters and despawn over time
      • Config option to disable all mob spawning done by this mob all together
      • Ability to disable dungeon spawners for this mod
      • Stat modifier and boost config options
    • Changed
      • Improved Attack Targeting AI with enemy and ally pack functionality
      • Vanilla mob dungeons will now feature mobs from this mod
      • Ventoraptors can now only be tamed with Cooked Maka Meat
      • Uvaraptors can now only be tamed with Cooked Concapede Meat
      • Tweaked Default Spawn rates
      • Redesigned Erepedes
      • Dwellers no longer suffocate in water
      • Reduced attack damage of various mobs
      • Reduced default size of Concapede
      • Concapedes can now climb
      • Revamped projectile code, most can't be used underwater now and can shoot through tall grass
      • Dwellers now only spawn in swamps
      • Cinders now spawn as Fire mobs
      • Aspids will now run away when attacked instead of fighting back
      • Overhauled hard difficulty, now very hard
    • Fixed
      • Weird spawning issues
      • Issue where jousts and some other mobs would not always drop items
      • Climbing, mobs such as Eyewigs can climb again
      • Issue with ranged attack mobs with attack speeds too high
  • Updated Mariculture 1.2.0i - 1.2.1e
    • Added
      • Limestone Variants
      • Pearl Bricks are back
      • Sluice will now also pull from tank to tank
      • Added blacklisting for prefixes for autodictionary, by default adds listAll, to stop the exploit with harvestcraft
      • Added blacklisting for items individually uses the format of 'id meta' or 'unlocalizedname meta', by default adds tconstruct glue to stop exploit between slimeballs and rubber, as well as vanilla dyes
    • Changed
      • You can no longer put liquids in one of the vats tanks if the other tank already has some of that liquid
      • Once again fixed obsidian taking 2 seconds instead of 15 seconds to make in a vat
      • AutoDictionary no longer ticks, therefore no longer has redstone control settings. It however works faster, and you can now specify upto 216 exceptions, and middle clicking will now switch the ore dictionary reference you are 'linked' to on an item, (this ONLY, affects cycling, as in, you will cycle to the next ore dictionary equivalent with that tag also).
      • Fake slots should be less finicky, however item filters are no longer 'fake' you must place each one in the convert, you can't place filters inside filters.
      • Fish Sorter no longer has redstone controls, but will now auto-eject to chests
      • Increased Max damage of plans, chalk is now damageable
      • Redone the oyster rendering
      • Reduced Transparent plastic glass costs, now 8000mB of molten glass and hard plastic for 16 Transparent
      • Oysters in the end always produce ender pearls
      • Reduced chance for the one ring to generate in dungeon chests
      • Pressurised water should now only break blocks on the side, fixed y coordinate bug with it too
      • Fish egg generation has been reduced 10 fold when producing with an eternal life upgrade
      • Nerfed Fish finger output to 16. Still more than the raw ingredients, in terms of 'nutrition'. 25 food vs 32, 3 Saturation vs 8(nerfed with hunger overhaul as always)
      • Water Geysers will now also pull from the tanks behind them to fill themselves up
      • More fish have special effects on consumption
      • Removed the custard, bowl + bottle recipe. You need to manually fill bowls with custard directly from a vat.
      • Bowl exploits should be fixed :p, you now get half-eaten calamari once you eat one
      • Rather than failing to catch anything when it generates loot instead of fish, fishing nets will generate vanilla raw fish instead
      • The whitelisting check is now handled on load rather than live
    • Fixed
      • Fixed Fish Sorter not telling difference between eggs and fish
      • The slots for crucible furnace recipes no longer matter(with duel melting).
      • Fixed sluice crashing with sided tanks
      • Crucible Furnace no longer crashes when a tesseract is placed under it
      • Fixed Molten dirt NEI Crash
      • Fixed Machines trying to eject to wrong side
      • Fixed Turbines accepting RF
      • Removed Electric Droplet Exploit(will think of another way to use them in the future)
      • Fixed hammer rotation
      • Fixed Server startup crash
      • Fixed my stuff breaking bedrock, namely pressurised water
      • Fixed a crash with Ex Aliquo, could of been prevented on their end but, works better with my fix ;)
      • Fixed Auto-Dictionary issue
      • Sand Renders smaller than pearls again
      • Limestone shouldn't crash loading on some instances
      • Fixed Jewelry Teleport bug. Jewelry is no longer stored on the players nbt, this appears to be 'unreliable' due to a forge bug, the data is now saved to the map. You shouldn't lose jewelry on upgrade, but i'd recommend you take it off beforehand just in case. Take note this new method, uses your username, so you will need to be logged in. There is a config option to enable SinglePlayer offline mode. (Uses the same username always)
      • Removed accidental debug text from the dictionary slots
      • Fixed flipped textures on limestone pedestals
      • Potential auto-dictionary exploits
      • Fixed the jewelry saving... somehow i'd messed up the new saving method -_-
  • Updated MeteorCraft 18 - 19b
    • Added
      • Configurable buried meteor generation
    • Fixed
      • Server crash when placing meteor gun
  • Updated MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.5-352 - 2.7.8-482
    • Added
      • RedNet Energy Cable
      • Planter button for not consuming the last item in a stack
      • Chunk Loader
      • Plastic Boots. Conveyors don't push entities wearing plastic boots
      • Endermen drop their held block if killed by a grinder
      • Clicking conveyors with glowstone dust increases speed (use plastic boots!)
      • MobRouter
      • Fountain
      • Large Bricks and Large Paved Bricks
      • Sticky piston -> piston recipe
      • Dry Rubber Leaves (2x fuel value)
      • FruitPicker no longer dries out IC2 rubber spots
    • Changed
      • RedNet cable has multiple selection boxes
      • AutoSpawner will idle for longer if it can't find a valid spawn location
      • PortaSpawners have a delay before you can place the spawner again
      • AutoBrewer brews two potions per ingredient
      • Cargo & Passenger rails must be on flat ground
      • Rubber leaves are affected by fortune
      • New RedNet Cable model
      • Counter circuit has a reset input
      • Remvoed Harvester option to not harvest jungle wood. Use a Fruit Picker to farm cocoa beans
      • Unifier won't unify items on the same ID
      • Endermen no longer exact-spawn holding blocks
      • Needlegun GUI is smaller
      • Fake slot behavior (left clicking increases stack size, right clicking decreases)
      • RedNet cable color bands can be shifted backwards by sneak-right-clicking again
    • Fixed
      • Exact-copy mobs from the AutoSpawner no longer rarely drop loot when killed with fortune
      • Dupe bug in the AutoBrewer
      • Harvester no longer forgets where it was when harvesting trees on chunk unload
      • ItemRouters locking themselves
      • Harvesting inverted trees
      • Dupe bug with Pechs
      • Filling cups & needles with a Fluid Transposer
      • Disenchanter not destroying Thaumcraft wand focii (this is intentional by Azanor)
      • Pam's fruits being destroyed by the Fruit Picker
      • Floating snow in tree farms
      • Any fluid being allowed in the fluid generators
      • Color bands on RedNet sometimes being transparent
      • AutoEnchanter applying enchants that shouldn't apply together (Sorry, no more Sharpness 4 Sharpness 4 Sharpness 4 Unbreaking 3 diamond swords)
      • Alternate RedNet Energy Cable recipe gives 6
      • Sacred Rubber Tree lighting
      • Various issues with the ChunkLoader
      • AutoAnvil accepts the same item when not in repair-only mode
      • Decaying rubber leaves drop saplings again
      • ThermalExpansion recipe for mob router
      • Fertilizer GUI can be used again
      • RedNet cable not rendering when in a completely empty chunk
  • Updated MobiusCore 1.0.5 - 1.1.0
  • Updated Nether Ores 2.2.2B1-16 - 2.2.2-55
  • Updated OpenBlocks 1.2.5 - 1.2.7
    • Added
      • XP Shower
      • Fan strength is now controlled by redstone
      • Radio now accepts with URLs pointing to PLS and M3U files and understands HTTP redirections
      • actual skyblock
      • Last Stand enchantment
      • More tomfoolery
    • Changed
      • Better guide shape generation
    • Fixed
      • Block Placers and breakers sometimes swapping/emptying inventories
      • Crash when trying to display crayon in thaumonomicon
  • Updated OpenMods Lib 0.2 - 0.4b
  • Updated OpenPeripheral Addons 0.1.1 - 0.1.3
    • Fixed
      • Server crash in terminal glasses icon rendering
      • sensor.sonicScan returning empty list
      • PIM dropping items
      • Peripheral Proxy getting stuck after block is broken
      • Terminal glasses now render items same way as other GUIs
  • Updated OpenPeripheral Core 0.3.1 - 0.3.3
    • Added
      • Improved Thaumcraft and Thaumic Tinkerer Integration
      • op_dump command to dump all known peripheral APIs to XML
      • TileEntity blacklist
      • Ability to read information about computercraft items in inventories
      • MFR integration
      • Update handlers for generated peripherals
    • Fixed
      • swapStacks now respects ISidedInventory restrictions
      • API swallowing exceptions
  • Updated Opis 1.1.3a - 1.2.0
    • Complete rewrite of the interface, global bugfixing and inclusion of most requests
    • Read about the new Opis Interface here: Link
    • Now out of alpha and should be treated as a "beginning of a new age for Opis"
  • Updated Project Red -
    • Changed
      • Made volcanoes slightly more rare
      • Crafting pipes can craft multiple items
      • Backpacks show name in GUI
    • Fixed
      • Backpack slots being locked
      • Framed alloy wire connection bug
      • Strange tree growth
      • Routing FX
      • Rare lamp render crash when teleporting
      • Backpacks resetting anvil name
      • Recipe mirroring
      • No recipe for lights
      • Stock keeper crash
      • Request GUI crash
      • Extra Utilities Server crash
      • Bag Load/save
      • Java 6 Crash
      • Huge memory leak in pipe routing thread
      • Rare crash when removing pipes
      • Routing thread eating up all of CPU
  • Updated RailCraft -
    • Added
      • Platforms, variant of posts
      • Config option for multiplier for Bore Mining Speed
    • Fixed
      • Thaumcraft Plugin crashing if you disable some of railcraft's items/blocks
      • Train dispenser
      • Loader gate action "Pause"
      • Loop in Tile Entity repair code
  • Updated Random Things 1.8.9 - 1.9
    • Changed
      • Added semi-transparent overlays to the crafting tables
    • Fixed
      • Online detector now properly updates close blocks when the specified player logs off/in
      • Block Replacer will now properly save its inventory when you have multiple in your inventory
      • Recipe for magnetic force now works again
      • Crash for the player interface
  • Updated ReactorCraft 18 - 19b
    • Fixed
      • Angular Transducer crash
      • Geiger Counter
      • Hazmat Suit
      • Solenoid Multiblock false positive
      • Handbook bugs
      • Power Exploit
      • WAILA on some tanks
      • Centrifuge not connecting to gas ducts
  • Updated RotaryCraft 18b - 19b
    • Added
      • Added option to slow pipe fluid flow and reservoir balancing to lessen performance load
      • Added Jet Engine startup sound and inertia
      • Added Waila display of Junction setting
      • Added some new CC functions
      • Added lots of new Extractor bonuses
      • Added handbook entry for backup tank
      • Added refrigeration unit
      • Added dry ice
      • Added liquid nitrogen
      • Added config to disable silver iodide cannon from starting (but not stopping) rain
      • Added (disabled by default) config option to allow bedrock breaker to open holes into the void
      • Added NEI for filling station
    • Changed
      • Grinder can now grind AE certus quartz into dust
      • Made engine fuel consumption smoother
      • Bedrock axe now cuts entire trees
      • Handbook no longer has ThaumCraft aspects
      • Woodcutter can now cut rainbow trees
      • Made vacuums more powerful when attracting items
      • Fan can now harvest algae
      • Brought back inverted renders for ceiling-mounted machines
      • Coil GUI now indicates emission limit
      • ECU can now intake BC fuel
      • Distiller now shows in handbook
      • Made magnetostatics more expensive
      • Made CVT more expensive
      • Microturbine is now much more fuel efficient
      • Item intercrafting is now not affected by "Force Mod Ore Compatibility"
      • Made wind spring recipe only give one item
      • Split block damage config into two categories, one for failures and one for weaponry
      • Bedrock axe now breaks a 5x5x5 of Twilight Forest roots
    • Fixed
      • Fixed steel spring boots not discharging
      • Fixed possible pipe render glitch
      • Fixed handbook inaccuracies
      • Fixed Item Pump duplication error
      • Fixed gearbox lubricant and fluiduct issues
      • Fixed bedrock shears sometimes dropping weird metadatas
      • Fixed Fuel Enhancer
      • Fixed BC fuel engine
      • Fixed scaleable chest sizing
      • Fixed some handbook typos
      • Fixed coil winder WAILA <Error>
  • Updated Thaumcraft 4.1.0f - 4.1.0g
    • Fixed
      • Volatus/Tempestas conflict
      • Brains in a jar now drop when broken again
  • Updated Twilight Forest 1.20.3 - 1.20.5
  • Updated WAILA 1.5.1a - 1.5.2
    • Changed
      • Key tagging will be disabled if Not Enough Keys is detected

    Config Changes
  • OpenBlocks
    • Changed number of blocks that can be passed through before teleport fails on elevator to 20 blocks
  • ReactorCraft
    • Enabled Rainbow Fluorite
  • Special Mobs
    • Disabled Passive Griefing of light sources and farmland
    • Increased chance for no ability on AI
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