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Do you have a particular developer you like? Would you like to offer them more than just moral support?

The links below will take you to the various Patreons of the developers where you can offer them monetary support for the time and effort they give to us each day.

Are you a dev? Reply to this forum thread or PM VikeStep and he will add you to the list.

DeveloperWhat I develop
Pahimar EE2 and EE3
MatrexsVigil Harvestcraft
VazkiiBotania, Creator of Thaumic Tinkerer
profmobiusEVOC, Waila, Opis, JABBA
RWTemaExtra Utilities
iChunSync, Portal Gun, Gravity Gun, Trail Mix, etc.
Mr_okushamaTropicraft, NotEnoughKeys, etc.
RS485Logistics Pipes
dan200Computercraft, qCraft
calclaviaUniversal Electricity
nekosuneMaintainer of Thaumic Tinkerer
pixlepixMaintainer of Thaumic Tinkerer
K4UnlHydraulicraft, PvPToggle, ColorChat, DoubleJump, BluePower
wasliebobThaumcraft Extras, Forestry Extras, ForgeMultipart Integration
joshieMariculture, Enchiridion

Thaumic Integration

WayOfTimeBlood Magic
Fabricator77Too Many Biomes, Highlands, Multiworld
AdubbzBiomes O Plenty, Lockdown
aroma1997aromaBackup, Better Chests, Compact Windmills, etc.
Phoenix TeamPhoenixCraft, Various Modpacks
McJtyRF Tools, Deep Resonance
DeveloperWhat I develop
freyja Metallurgy, Enchanting Plus, Agriculture, Atum
 TeamCoFH Thermal Expansion, Redstone Arsenal
dmillerwRemoteIO, Industrialization
Progwml6Tinker's Construct, Natura, FTB Launcher
Alz454Enhanced Portals
DocRedstoneDynamic Tanks
AtomicStrykerDynamic Lights, Infernal Mobs, Ropes+, etc.
mDiyoTinker's Construct
tgame14Advanced Fluxian Tools, etc.
HorfiusThaumic Energies
Algorithmx2Applied Energistics, Rotatable Blocks
pauljodaMob Tools
bigbadchrisArtwork for FTB and various modders
MinalienModular Forcefield System, Thaumic Obscura
HQM TeamHardcore Questing Mode
squeek502Tinkers Construct Tooltips, Waila Harvestability, Spice of Life
Mr TJPProject RED
FyberOpticHopper Ducts, Redstone Paste
VanhalProgressive Automation
chbachmanModular Armour
OnyxDarkNightJewelryCraft 2
DeveloperWhat I develop
 CovertJaguar Railcraft
 Eyamaz Blood N Bones, various modpacks, secrets
amnetBiomes O Plenty
forstrideBiomes O Plenty
ShadowclaimerMetallurgy, Agriculture, etc.
ReikaRotarycraft, Reactorcraft, Electrocraft, etc.
openmods teamopenmods, openblocks, etc.
TTFTCUTSAlternate Terrain Generation
minemaartenPneumaticCraft, BluePower
amadornesFramez, BluePower
KihiraPlayer Beacons
chylexHardcore Ender Expansion, Better Sprinting
MineshopperCarpenter's Blocks
SpitefulFoxForbidden Magic
BenimaticTwilight Forest
PokefennTotemic, Chisel, I'm Looking At Blood
XolovAAdvent of Ascension, DivineRPG
CricketChisel 2, The Erebus
GustoniaEagleAdventurer's Amulets
bdewNEI Addons, Gendustry, Pressure Pipes, Advanced Generators, etc.