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Monster 1.0.8


Mod NameVersion
Advanced Buildcraft Objects1.0.7.558
Advanced Genetics1.2.1
Alternate Terrain Generation0.9.3
Applied Energistics14.finale3
BiblioWoods - BoP1.3
BiblioWoods - Forestry1.3
BiblioWoods - Highlands1.1
BiblioWoods - Natura1.3
Big Reactors0.2.15A
Binnie's Mods1.8.0
Biomes O Plenty1.2.1.416
Blood Magic0.7.2a
Calclavia Core1.1.1.68
Chicken Chunks1.3.3.3
Compact Solars4.4.19.272
Compact Windmills1.0.2.3
Craft Heraldry1.0.3
denPipes - Emerald1.1.6
denPipes - Forestry1.1.8
Dynamic Tanks 20.0.6
Emasher's Resource1.2.2.0
Engineer's Toolbox1.1.7.1
Enhanced Portals 33.0.0.b3b
Expanded Redstone15
Extra Utilities1.0.2
Forge Multipart1.0.0.233
Gate Copy3.1.4
Hopper Ducts1.2.2
Industrial Craft 2 Exp2.0.354
Inventory Tweaks1.5.6-b77
Iron Chests5.4.1.697
Lycanites Mobs1.4.2
Magic Bees2.1.11
Magical Crops3.1.6
Modular Powersuits0.9.0-84
NEI Addons1.9.4.r51
NEI Plugins1.1.0.6
Nether Ores2.2.2B1-16
Not Enough Items1.6.1.8
Not Enough Keys0.0.4
Nuclear Control1.6.2e
OpenMods Lib0.1-s112
OpenPeripheral Addons0.1.0-s41
OpenPeripheral Core0.3.0-s39
Portal Gun2.0.2
Power Converters2.4.0.pre3
Powersuits Addons1.6.4-884
Project Red4.2.1.19
Random Things1.8.9
Redstone Arsenal1.0.0.0
Rei's Minimap3.4.01
Roguelike Dungeon Mod1.2.9
Sort Fix1.0
Special Mobs2.6
Steve's Carts2.0.0.b10
Thaumcraft 44.0.5b
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects1e-b2
Thaumic Tinkerer2.1-67
Thaumic Tinkerer KAMIj6
Thermal Expansion3.0.0.2
Tinker's Construct1.5.2.6
Tinker's Mechworks0.1.3
Torch Levers1.3.2
Twilight Forest1.20.3
Universal Electricity Core3.0.1.27
XACT:Advanced Crafting Tables0.4.3
Zan's Minimap1.6.4

Version Changes

A world reset is recommended for this version, please view more about the reasons here: Link

  • Added Bibliowood - Highlands 1.1
  • Added Highlands 2.1.7 (Disabled by Default)
  • Added Powersuits Addons 1.6.4-884
  • Updated Additional Buildcraft Objects -
    • Added
      • Updated to BC 4.2.2
    • Fixed
      • Engine Dupe
  • Updated Agriculture 1.2.4 - 1.2.10
    • Added
      • Bonemeal compatibility with crops
      • Forestry Crop Support
      • MFR Integration
      • Thaumcraft Golem Suppoty
    • Changed
      • Switched crop harvesting from left click to right click
  • Updated bdlib -
  • Updated Big Reactors 0.2.14A - 0.2.15A
    • Fixed
      • Crashes that could occur when logging into chunks with lots of machines
      • Some potential spontaneous-disassembly bugs
      • Client crash that could occur when right-clicking the reactor to get debug output
  • Updated Calclavia Core -
  • Updated Compact Solars -
  • Updated DragonAPI 14 - 15
    • Added
      • Added vanilla integrity tracker to check for deletion of vanilla content that would cause NPEs
      • Added simple config class
      • Added ExtraUtilities Handler
      • Added HarvestCraft support
      • Added MystCraft instability control code
    • Changed
      • Improved performance of Mod Registry fetching
      • Improved leaf decay algorithm
      • Made MCPC crashes more clear
      • Redesigned integer parsing
      • Removed retrogen controller
      • Improved TileEntity syncing performance
    • Fixed
      • Fixed UE ModList entry
      • Fixed modelled break particle bug
  • Updated DyeTrees 14 - 15 (Now enabled by default)
    • Added
      • Rainbow Trees
      • Dye drop ratio control as replacement for vanilla dye option
      • Out-of-biome tree density control
  • Updated Dynamic Tanks 0.0.5a - 0.0.6
    • Added
      • Generator
      • Omni-Fluid Power
    • Changed
      • Biome Generations defaults to disabled
      • Removed the golden chalice
    • Fixed
      • Crash after breaking and replacing controller
      • Crash on sneak and clicking of controller
      • Controller not updating capacity when tanks were removed
  • Updated Emasher Resource -
    • API Changes
  • Updated Engineers Toolbox -
    • Added
      • Stirling Generator
      • Spinning Wheel
      • Pump
      • Mini fluid portal
    • Changed
      • Deadly flashing blade and vacuum now require energy
    • Fixed
      • Block Updates happening before modules are initialized
      • Other minor bugs
      • Missing Recipe
  • Updated Expanded Redstone 14 - 15
    • Changed
      • Improved Waila interaction with Camouflage block
  • Updated Factorization 0.8.28 - 0.8.29
    • WARNING: Servo inventory size will be reduced to 1 in the next version. This will cause item loss and it is recommended to take items out beforehand
    • Changed
      • Lacerator and Servo motor Recipe
      • Removed Magnet recipe, batteries are used instead
      • Barrels render more efficiently
  • Updated GasCraft -
    • Added
      • Config Option to set flat bedrock height
      • Ash
      • Nether Plasma
      • Plasma Reactor Module
      • Nether Plasma shale resource in the nether
      • Hazardous Nether Plasma pockets in the nether
    • Fixed
      • Minor crash with certain creative tabs
  • Updated Gendustry -
    • Changed
      • Improved GeneSample name display
    • Fixed
      • Crash trying to register mutation when Genetic Waste is produced
  • Updated GeoStrata 14 - 15
    • Added
      • Rock Tooltips
      • Opal
  • Updated Iron Chests -
  • Updated Lycanites Mobs 1.4.1 - 1.4.2
    • Added
      • The Geken (Jungle Mob)
      • Config option to hide the names of a pet's owner
    • Changed
      • Baby ghoul zombies no longer burn in the sun
    • Fixed
      • Bug where equipped saddles were lost if equipped by right clicking with the saddle and not through the GUI when not in Creative mode
      • Bug where name tags weren't working
      • Issue where raptors weren't leaping randomly when walking around
      • Issue where client would make entities leap as well as the server which meant a mob would leap randomly in a directiion and suddenly teleport back
      • Bug where blocks without a name from any mod would be called Poison Cloud
      • Minor loop when removing a chest from a pet's bag slot with items in the bet's bag
  • Updated MeteorCraft 14 - 15
    • Fixed
      • Mimichite Generation
      • Crash with non-block ore drops
  • Updated MFFS -
    • Reverted to Java 6 for FTB
  • Updated MystCraft -
    • Added
      • Color, Direction and Phase suffix to their respective symbols
    • Changed
      • New Writing Desk Model
      • Biomes notebook to "Modifiers, Biomes"
      • Renamed terrain symbols to be more consistent
      • Writing desks will face you when placed
      • Disarm will now strip living entities of equipment
      • Desks generated in villages will be facing the lecterns
      • No longer create symbols for fluids without itemblock forms
      • Increases number of pages generated per page to 1-16*rarity of page item
      • Rainbow is now more transparent
      • Reduced size of book
    • Fixed
      • Adds check to prevent crashing when requesting items from non-existent slots in the desk
      • Attempts to avoid odd vanilla bug causing unloading unloaded chunks
      • Fluid instability configs
      • Issue with shift-clicking items out of lecterns/stands putting them in armor slots
      • Improves averaging of phase symbols
  • Updated NEI Addons 1.9.3.r47 - 1.9.4.r51
    • Fixed
      • Crash with EB Serums that don't have NBT Data
  • Updated OpenBlocks 1.2.3 - 1.2.4-s151
  • Updated OpenModsLib 0.1 - 0.1-s112
  • Updated OpenPeripheral Addons 0.1 - 0.1.0s41
  • Updated OpenPeripheral Core 0.3.0-s39
  • Updated Random Things 1.8.8 - 1.8.9
    • Added
      • FastLeaveDecay as a config option
    • Changed
      • Ender Porter now has a block slot that allows you to change its appearance
    • Fixed
      • Gendustry Recipes with glass will work again
  • Updated ReactorCraft 14b - 15
    • Added
      • Most missing recipes
      • Hot liquid events
      • Neutron Irradiation Chamber
      • Electrolyzer
    • Fixed
      • Fixed ore gen in other dimensions
      • Fixed Heavy Water Pump
      • Fixed Angular Transducer interaction
      • Fixed fluid conflicts
      • Fixed breeder reactor behavior
      • Fixed fluorite ore drops
  • Updated RotaryCraft 14b - 15b
    • Added
      • Added decorative tank
      • Added WorldGuard/AntiBuilder overrides for core machines
      • Added HarvestCraft farming to fans
    • Changed
      • Massive performance increases
      • Increased bedrock axe speed
      • Reservoirs can now be covered in glass; stops falling in and rain accumulation
      • Uncovered reservoirs now lose fluids if they are lighter than air
      • Temperature of contained fluid now affects surroundings
      • Pipes and reservoirs now melt if carrying liquid hotter than 2500C (eg pyrotheum)
      • Increased speed of bedrock pickaxe on many blocks (eg pistons)
      • Made Van De Graaff quieter
      • Made pipes much more GPU-friendly
      • Made filling station inventory only allow one item per slot
      • Removed handbook from stronghold chest gen
    • Fixed
      • Fixed fractionator console spam
      • Fixed Mekanism dependency on UE machines
      • Fixed bedrock tool enchanting
      • Fixed heat ray math
      • Fixed Handbook GUI issue
      • Fixed floodlight Luxor mode
      • Rolled liquid spiller back to old code; works again
      • Fixed vacuum item transfer losing NBT data
  • Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.1-58 - 2.1-67
    • Added
      • New KAMI items
      • Config option to specify dimension IDs (for people who change them)
      • Way to turn off the light feature in the Leggings of the Burning Mantle
      • Config option to remove Ore Dictionary recipes
    • Changed
      • Allow for blocks with directions (i.e. Furnaces, Pumpkins) to keep the direction in camo blocks
      • Allow for more blocks to be used with camo blocks (i.e. Wood Logs, Quartz Blocks)
      • Awakened Ichorium Tools now change mode with shift-right click
      • Celestial Network GUI easier is easier to navigate
      • Moved the Shadowbeam Focus research to not be in the same place as a research from Thaumic Exploration
      • Celestial Pearl recipe to outputs 2 rather than 1
    • Fixed
      • Some API/method usage from old versions that doesn't work on 4.1
      • Ichorcloth armor not protecting from damage, it now protects just a little more than diamond
      • Ground level Ethereal Platforms having collision boxes on all sides
      • Server Crash
      • Typo fixes
      • Ethereal Platform breaking instantly
      • Camo blocks not respecting biome colors
      • Protoclay not having a config option for ID
      • XP Drain focus sometimes going over the max value on the wand
      • Some foci not being able to be put in wands
      • Dupe involving Dynamism Tablets, bottles and cauldrons
      • Crash when right clicking a XP Drain focus
      • DC when using a Shadowbeam focus in a server
      • Crash when using Camo blocks to camo Camo blocks (yo dawg).
      • Crash with Easymode research and Lost Research Note.
      • Leggings of the Burning Mantle not showing the discount tooltip.
      • Nether/Ender shards being extremely common.
      • Hyperenergetic Nitor and Protoclay not being in the creative tab.
      • Being able to apply Slow Fall to the Boots of the Horizontal Shield.
      • Flight status not resetting after taking off the Robes of the Stratosphere.
      • Multiplayer bug where the Celestial Network would occasionally open it's GUI for a player who wasn't standing on it
      • Celestial Recall focus not working
  • Updated Universal Electricity Core -

    Config Changes

  • Advanced Genetics
    • Increased Energy Usage from 2000 to 4000
  • ATG
    • Modified a lot of options relating to climate gradients
    • Modified various aspects of worldgen including, height offset, moisture and temperature
    • Disabled Garden
  • Better Storage
    • Backpacks now take up chestplate slot
  • Big Reactors
    • Increased Power Production multiplier from 1 - 1.66
    • Changed recipes to use obsidian glass and steel instead of iron
  • DyeTrees
    • Disabled bonemeal on white trees
    • Decreased Dye Tree density in normal biomes
  • Emasher Core
    • Decreased Spwan rate of Limestone and Red Sandstone
  • EnderIO
    • Increase Conduit Scale from 0.2 to 0.4
  • GeoStrata
    • Disabled Generation of Rock in overworld
    • Enabled Generation of Rock in other dimensions
  • Lycanites Mobs
    • Decreased Spawning rates of Uvaraptors and Ventoraptors
  • Magical Crops
    • Disabled ability to get Essence Seeds
  • Mariculture
    • Disabled generation of Rutile
  • MeteorCraft
    • Disabled Nikolite Ore
  • MineFactory Reloaded
    • Increased Auto Spawner cost in exact and standard mode
    • Decreased number of entities to shut down a breeder
  • Nether Ores
    • Increased Explosion power
    • Decreased Explosion probability
    • Now forces ores to spawn
    • Increased number of groups per chunk for most ores
    • Disabled Ruby, Sapphire Nikolite, Osmium and Peridot Nether Ores
  • Revamp
    • Decreased Pathfinding range
  • RotaryCraft
    • Disabled Gravel Gun PvP
    • Enabled Instant Woodcutter
    • Decreased Machine Volume Multiplier
    • Disabled turrets targeting players
  • Special Mobs
    • Disabled Passive Griefing
  • Sync
    • Disabled chunk loading of shells
  • Thermal Expansion
    • Allowed Pneumatic Servos to be crafted with steel
    • Recipes now use Gears
  • Tinkers Construct
    • Disabled Beginner Book