Monster 1.1.2


Monster 1.1.2


Mod NameVersion
Advanced Buildcraft Objects1.0.7.560
Advanced Genetics1.4.3
Alternate Terrain Generation0.9.4
Applied Energistics14.finale3
Better Storage0.8.0.47
BiblioWoods - BoP1.3
BiblioWoods - Forestry1.3
BiblioWoods - Highlands1.1
BiblioWoods - Natura1.1
Big Reactors0.3.3A
Binnie's Mods1.8.0
Biomes O Plenty1.2.1.416
Blood Magic1.0.1e
Calclavia Core1.1.1.68
Chicken Chunks1.3.3.4
Compact Solars4.4.19.278
Compact Windmills1.0.3.0
Craft Heraldry1.0.3
denPipes - Emerald1.1.6
denPipes - Forestry1.1.8
Dynamic Tanks 20.0.8a
Emasher's Resource1.2.3.4
Engineer's Toolbox1.1.8.3
Enhanced Portals 33.0.0.b5c
Expanded Redstone23b
Extra Cells1.6.9b
Extra Utilities1.0.3c
Forge Multipart1.0.0.250
Gate Copy3.1.4
Hopper Ducts1.2.2
Industrial Craft 2 Exp2.0.397
Inventory Tweaks1.5.6-b77
Iron Chests5.4.1.697
Lycanites Mobs1.5.1c
Magic Bees2.1.12
Magical Crops3.2.0beta15a
Modular Powersuits0.9.0-84
NEI Addons1.10.4.64
NEI Plugins1.1.0.6
Nether Ores2.2.2-55
Not Enough Items1.6.1.9
Not Enough Keys0.0.4
Nuclear Control1.6.2e
OpenMods Lib0.5
OpenPeripheral Addons0.1.4
OpenPeripheral Core0.4.0
Portal Gun2.0.2
Power Converters2.4.0.pre3
Powersuits Addons1.6.4-884
Project Red4.3.5.30
Random Things1.9
Redstone Arsenal1.0.0.0
Rei's Minimap3.4.01
Roguelike Dungeon Mod1.3.2
Sort Fix1.0
Special Mobs2.6
Steve's Carts2.0.0.b10
Thaumcraft 44.1.0g
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects1e-b2
Thaumic Tinkerer2.3-140
Thaumic Tinkerer KAMIj6
Thermal Expansion3.0.0.7
Tinker's Construct1.5.3
Tinker's Mechworks0.1.6
Torch Levers1.3.2
Twilight Forest1.20.5
Universal Electricity Core3.0.1.27
Zan's Minimap1.6.4

Version Changes

  • Removed Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI
    • Now comes packaged with Thaumic Tinkerer
  • Updated Advanced Genetics 1.4.1 - 1.4.3
    • Fixed
      • Package Overflow
      • DNA Breeder NPE
      • Chat spam when genes are disabled
      • Microscope bugs
  • Updated AOBD 1.3.1 - 1.4.0
    • Added
      • Factorization's Dark Iron ore support
      • Thermal Expansion's Ferrous ore support
  • Updated Backpacks 1.27.34 - 1.28.37
    • Added
      • Config option to set the amount of rows for small and big backpacks to show
    • Fixed
      • Ender Backpack with backpackSlotsS unequal to 27
      • Trying to set an empty result as a recipe crashing the game
      • Recoloring backpacks was not using the ore dictionary
  • Updated bdlib -
  • Updated Better Storage -
    • Added
      • Config to disable ICrateStorage interface
      • Cardboard box settings to control size and reusability
      • Config to disable warning messages
    • Changed
      • Slimes in buckets can now be eaten
      • Improved Crafting Station
    • Fixed
      • Picking up slimes replacing a whole stack of buckets
      • Changing backpack size on existing worlds
  • Updated Big Reactors 0.3.0A - 0.3.3A
    • Added
      • Support for latest OpenComputers and ComputerCraft
    • Changed
      • When using the eject fuel/waste buttons on an access port, fuel/waste now only appears in the access port whose GUI is open
      • Reactor Power Tap crafting recipe can now be disabled in the config via the enableReactorPowerTapRecipe setting
      • Reactor's Computer Port now exposes getHotFluidProducedLastTick(), which returns 0 when passively cooled and the mB of hot fluid produced when actively cooled.
      • Turbine's Computer Port can now manipulate vent settings via setVentNone(), setVentOverflow(), and setVentAll(). No arguments required.
    • Fixed
      • Reactors no longer fail to operate if cryotheum freezes water inside them during operation
      • Turbine fluid ports now properly show whether they're inlets or outlets while a turbine is not assembled
      • Turbine fluid ports can now be toggled between inlet/outlet mode while a turbine is disassembled via the usual methods (empty hand, wrench)
      • Reactor/Turbine computer ports can now connect to Computercraft 1.6 computers and modems. This was broken in 0.3.1A.
      • Crashes related to teleporting near a turbine fluid port (introduced in 0.3.1A)
      • Added some code so that chunk boundary handling is sliiiiightly nicer and should fail not quite as often. Still, putting ports on the boundary of non-chunkloaded chunks is still wonky.
      • Disabling creative parts no longer causes client crashes when turbines are assembled
      • Corrupted metadata on Ingots no longer causes crashes
      • Passive reactors were cooling off (and generating energy) very slightly too fast.
      • On Reactor Redstone Ports, the "While off" setting for control rod insertion was being ignored.
  • Updated Blood Magic 1.0.0b - 1.0.1e
    • Added
      • Call of the Zephyr Ritual
      • Some nifty upgrades to the Ritual of the Crusher
      • Ability for the water and lava sigils to deposit their fluids in a tank, and for the void sigil to do the same in reverse. Only works on tanks that do not have GUIs
      • Config to remove potions from alchemy set
    • Changed
      • Reworked Ballad of Alchemy to be more friendly
      • Allowed most sigils to be bindable to the sigil of holding
    • Fixed
      • Bug with the alchemy set duplicating items
      • Alchemy set not decrementing items
      • NPE with empty Sigil of Holding
      • Fixed Demons being bound to the pickaxes, so the binding ritual now works more than once
      • Odd issue with the crusher ritual
      • Client Sync Issue with Sigil of the Green Grove
  • Updated CoFH Core -
  • Updated ComputerCraft 1.58 - 1.63
    • Added
      • Added Pocket Computers
      • Added a multi-tasking system for Advanced Computers and Turtles
      • Added a configurable fuel limit for Turtles
      • Added hostnames, protocols and long distance routing to the rednet API
      • Added a peer-to-peer chat program to demonstrate new rednet capabilities
      • Added a new game, only on Pocket Computers: “falling” by GopherATL
      • Added a new Windowing API for addressing sub-areas of the terminal
      • New programs: fg, bg, multishell, chat, repeat, redstone, equip, unequip, falling
      • New APIs: window, multishell
      • New turtle functions: turtle.equipLeft() and turtle.equipRight()
      • New peripheral functions: peripheral.find( [type] )
      • New rednet functions: protocol, hostname ), rednet.unhost( protocol ), rednet.locate( protocol, [hostname] )
      • New fs function: fs.find( wildcard )
      • New shell functions: shell.openTab(), shell.switchTab( [number] )
      • New event “term_resize” fired when the size of a terminal changes
      • Added error messages to many more turtle functions after they return false
      • Documented all new programs and API changes in the “help” system
      • Added a new game: Redirection – ComputerCraft Edition (type “redirection” on an Advanced Computer to play)
    • Changed
      • Turtles can now swap out their tools and peripherals at runtime
      • Turtles can now carry two tools or peripherals at once in any combination
      • Turtles and Computers can now be labelled using Name Tags and Anvils
      • File system commands in the shell now accept wildcard arguments
      • The shell now accepts long arguments in quotes
      • Terminal redirection now no longer uses a stack-based system. Instead: term.current() gets the current terminal object and term.redirect() replaces it. term.restore() has been removed.
      • Improved programs: copy, move, delete, rename, paint, shell
      • Removed programs: redset, redprobe, redpulse
      • Improved rednet functions: rednet.send(), rednet.broadcast() and rednet.receive() now take optional protocol parameters
      • turtle.craft(0) and turtle.refuel(0) now return true if there is a valid recipe or fuel item, but do not craft of refuel anything
      • turtle.suck( [limit] ) can now be used to limit the number of items picked up
      • Users of turtle.dig() and turtle.attack() can now specify which side of the turtle to look for a tool to use (by default, both will be considered)
      • textutils.serialise( text ) now produces human-readable output
      • chat now supports IRC commands
      • Turtles can now be painted with dyes, and cleaned with water buckets
      • Turtle label nameplates now only show when the Turtle is moused-over
      • The HTTP API is now enabled by default, and can be configured with a whitelist of permitted domains
      • http.get() and now accept parameters to control the request headers
    • Fixed
      • Turtles should never ever lose their content now
      • Fixed the “turtle_inventory” event firing when it shouldn’t have
      • Computers not rebooting on server restart
      • New computers with different IDs all sharing the same folder structure
      • New fs function: fs.getDir( path )
  • Updated Damage Indicators -
    • Added
      • Experimental Target Locking, disabled by default
    • Fixed
      • Config issues when changing minecraft versions
  • Updated DragonAPI 19b - 23b
  • Updated DyeTrees 19 - 23
  • Updated Electricraft 19b - 23
  • Updated EnderIO -
    • Added
    • Changed
      • Capacitor Banks remember their IO limits when block are added/removed.
    • Fixed
      • Photovoltatic cells won't accept hardened glass
      • Crash when jumping on travel anchor while looking at an 'Ender IO' block
      • Power monitor reports larger capacitor bank size
      • Work around to avoid non reproducible crash.
      • Work around for crash when using Better Furnace blocks as paint sources for facades.
      • Crash placing Item Conduit between Iron Chest & Basic Project Bench
      • Dimensional Transceiver cannot be powered locally unless power mode is set to send
      • Fixed infinite power when mixing TE and EIO conduits in certain ways
      • Improved server startup times when using large EnderIO power networks
      • Staff of Travelling tooltip showing 10x the actual power stored
      • Dynamic Tanks / Mekanism Tanks + EnderIO Conduit crash.
      • Dimensional Transceiver crashing servers with ArrayIndexOutOfBounds
      • LiquidConduit modifies FluidStack passed to fill
      • Fixed performance issue when EIO machines where full.
      • Server Crashing - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Empty string not allowed/NBT
      • SMP crash with MrCraysFurniture mod.
      • Capacitor bank overcharges with BC kinetic pipes
      • Capacitor Banks charging slots filling with junk (William Lahti)
      • Insert mode on Conduit stops transfer (William Lahti)
      • Stack overflow when creating a loop with item conduits and tesseracts.
      • Crash in TileReservoir
      • Stack overflow when placing two dim. trans. next to each other
      • Staff Of Traveling not working after server restart or in twilight forest
      • Changing equipped item causes FPS drop
  • Updated Expanded Redstone 19 - 23b
  • Updated Extra Cells 1.6.7d - 1.6.9b
    • Fixed
      • Usage of Container Items
      • Certus Tank Renderglitch
  • Updated Extra Utilities 1.0.3a - 1.0.3c
    • Added
      • Precision Shears
    • Changed
      • Recipe for sandy glass
      • Filing Cabinet will use the sneak-button-held version of the item's tooltip to sort with
    • Fixed
      • Incorrect Ore Dictionary registrations
      • Angel Blocks now break properly
      • Transfer node multiparts are no longer marked as inventories
      • Filing cabinets not closing when the block is broken
      • Golden Bag of Holding/Inventory Tweaks Crash
      • Ender lillies not growing faster on end stone
  • Updated Gendustry -
    • Added
      • /givesample command
    • Changed
      • Renamed "Nocturnal" trait to "Ignores Day/Night" to better represent it's effect
      • Removed Territory from required chromosomes for butterflies
    • Fixed
      • Fluid Loss with EnderIO
  • Updated GeoStrata 19b - 23b
  • Updated JABBA 1.1.2c - 1.1.3
    • Added
      • Config option to change item used for structural upgrade recipes
      • Config option to override specific tier colors
      • Config option to specify stack size for base barrel and the storage upgrade
      • Safety checking for the barrel renderer
    • Changed
      • Removed "block" prefix from automatic ore dictionary conversion
      • Tweaked tooltips of core upgrades vs structural upgrades to make them clearer
    • Fixed
      • Rare translucent texture issue
      • DSU Interface
  • Updated Logistics Pipes -
  • Updated Lycanites Mobs 1.4.9d - 1.5.1c
    • Added
      • Troll
      • Lacedon
      • Lobber
      • Zoataur
      • Boulder Blast Scepter
      • Config options for which mobs can and can't despawn naturally
      • Config option for predators attack animals and troll/etin griefing
      • Config option for spawn weight scale
      • New minion summoning system. Press H to open the minion Manager
      • Advanced pet controls for both minions and pets
      • Tarantula minion sounds
    • Changed
      • Revamped custom spawning so that it now supports fire spawning, lava spawning and portal spawning.
      • Concapede segments will now check for at least one nearby concapede head if naturally spawning
      • Potion ID system, raised defaults to start from ID 256
      • Cinders and Lobbers are now bright
      • Kobolds will no longer despawn if they are carrying items. Unless they are minions, they will drop their inventory before despawning
    • Fixed
      • Big mob spawning issue where spawned mobs weren't counted as the correct spawn type
      • Issue where farmable mobs would sometimes despawn
      • Issue where most monster would not despawn
      • Water and Lava mobs not checking for surrounding blocks when spawning
      • Bug where makas and jousts had a chance of becoming alphas after breeding instead of just when they are growing up from infants
      • Config issue with spaces
      • Crashing bugs with custom potion effects
      • Portal crash
      • Clink and Manticore Minions
      • Minions with armour no longer render the missing texture image.
  • Updated Mariculture 1.2.1e - 1.2.2c
    • Added
      • Config added for Fish Breeding chance, increase the breeding multiplier to make breeding easier, or decrease it to make it harder
      • Bound Fishing Rod when Blood Magic is installed, + Ritual to double mutation chance in the incubator (Requires Blood Magic 1.0.1+)
      • Fish Scanner, and Biome Analyser lets you peer in to the crazy depths that is Fish DNA and See what the temperature of the current location is
      • Male DNA affects the area that is affected, they have six stats for this dna, for all six coordinates, representing + or minus to the radius, only opening a feeder, or placing a male in will now update the tank area
      • Ten new Fish Species, bringing the total up to 40!
      • Angelfish when working will now teleport items up to 16 blocks in each direction in to chests underneath fish feeders
      • All fish can be caught alive in the wild, but anything other than the base fish, have special catch conditions, such as time of day, height in world, temperature, salinity
      • Added WAILA Support to Vats
      • Can disable the requirements for catching fish in different biomes, allowing you to catch all fish in each biome(world related still applies)
      • KirinDave proof check to the crucible furnace
      • FTB DW20 Pack check to ravines
      • Mods with null fluid checks to vat handler
      • Missing code for fish area
    • Changed
      • Limestone Variants and Pearl Bricks split in to a new 'Aesthetics' module.
      • Fish 'Groups' removed, doesn't affect anything, since they were just arbritary descriptors anyways, Allows for addition of 1 off fish, rather than having to install three new fish at a time
      • Fertility is now the number of eggs that are produced, The hatch chance of eggs is now a fixed 0.1%, so a fish that lays 3000 eggs will on average produce 3 extra fish, but can be improved with the use of purity upgrades in an incubator
      • Magnesium Dust now has 100% chance of Magnesium, Magnesium Dust reduced to 5000MB Quicklime and 3000MB Water. You can also make the dust now with 1000MB of water and a Flux Droplet
      • Burnt Bricks, now use half as much lava for both recipe variants
      • You can now melt Limestone in a Tinkers Smeltery as well as the Magnesium Dust
      • Obsidian time reduced to 10 seconds from 15
      • Mob Magnet requires LP to be used if you have Blood Magic installed
      • Breeding combinations completely revamped
      • Fish Stat defaults all changed, Due to this, any existing fish eggs will NOT work after upgrading. Make sure to hatch fish before updating.
      • Nightfish can now be caught rarely in the overworld but only when fishing at night.
      • Concept of 'Ethereal Waters' removed, Salinity now consists of Fresh, Brackish and Saline Water. The Salinator Upgrade increases the salinity of the biome by one, while the Purifier reduces it by one, so a fresh water biome would need two salinator upgrades to become salt water. Ethereal upgrade now nullifies the world requirement for fish instead. E.G. It lets you breed netherfish in overworld, endfish in nether or overworld fish in the end etc.
      • Fishing loot now split in to two lists, goodies and junk. Higher tier fishing rods have better chance of getting good stuff.
      • Food tick in the config is now how many ticks before a fish will eat, Fish are less greedy.
      • Fishing Net default speed, slightly faster
      • Reduced cost of Hard plastic, can also make it with ethanol now instead
      • Changed Transparent Plastic recipe to be glass + natural gas/ethanol
      • Can automatically extract fishing rods from autofisher, allowing automated charging of the RF rod
      • Can now use vanilla fishing rods in an autofisher, they will only generate vanilla fish, and require no bait
      • Luck of the Irish now can be put on Hammers, You have a chance to restore more than one damage point in an anvil when using the hammer
      • Changed around how much bait you get and from what you get it from
      • Shift clicking a sifter will cause it to sift one item at a time instead of the whole stack
      • Fish Tank size, while as before is determined by water, it's no longer based on 'various sizes'. Each fish now has it's own individual number of water block requirements. Ranging from 15 blocks of water up to 400. To see how much space a fish needs, you can use the scanner. Fish Food amount is also determined by water blocks.
    • Fixed
      • AutoDictionary not correctly removing the extra tags when converting items
      • dupe glitch with books
      • Oyster dupe bug, with block updates
      • crash with enchanted basic mirrors
      • crash when fishing on tile entities that aren't instances of IUpgradable
      • crash when eating the last item in a stack of food
      • potential crash when reloading a Vat
      • When producing the last two fish from an egg if none are generated, they will no longer be 'twins', their dna is now generated seperately.
      • Fixed using the wrong ethanol name for the plastic recipes
      • Fixed potential fishing/environment related crashes
      • Fixed Casting Blocks messing up when fluids/items change sometimes
      • Coral Spreading
      • Retro-Gen spamming console
      • Potential tooltip crash with the fish feeder
      • Potential Breeding crashes
      • Potential Bound Rod Crash when using Demon Shards
      • Potential Null Pointer checking rod quality with autofishers
      • Fish Tanks should now only accept fish from automated systems
      • Mariculture fish ID issues
  • Updated MeteorCraft 19b - 23
  • Updated MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.8-482 - 2.7.9-final
    • Added
      • Loot chest to MFR's village house
    • Changed
      • Stacking vine scaffold makes noise
      • MFR's village house can be made from all decorative bricks
      • Glass can be dyed in-world
      • Weights of some mystery net mobs
      • Auto-Anvil accepts enchanted books via pipes
      • DSUs can now accept an entire inventory full of an item when shift+double-clicking
    • Fixed
      • Remaining RedNet Energy Cable connectivity issues
      • Fake slots forgetting their contents sometimes
      • Fake Sacred Rubber Saplings no longer drop
      • Sacred Rubber Saplings left to grow on their own will grow now
      • Auto-Anvil remembers when in repair-only mode
      • Dupe issue with plastic bag
      • ChunkLoader console spam
      • Conveyors changing color on the client when rotating
  • Updated MobiusCore 1.1.0 - 1.2.1
  • Updated MystCraft -
    • Added
      • Adds a config option to enable death in an age to respawn you in the Overworld
      • Option to disable desk gen in villages
      • Crafting recipe for blank pages to paper
      • Custom TextBox in Interfaces
    • Changed
      • Following link panels should not be available from villagers

      • Reduces frequency of biome symbol trades and treasure

      • Revises rarity categorization for notebook booster packs

      • Changes grammar rules of terrain alteration and population symbols (req 1, possibly more if none written)
      • Rebalances all grammar rules to allow more control
      • Size-based Biome Controllers have a biome sequence rule and two basic biome rules. 3 biomes will halt extras.
      • Suns, moons, starfields, doodads, visual effects, terrain alterations, populators, and effects now all work like colors; writing one stops generation of more.
      • The biome sequence rule (presently used in controllers which can take any number of biomes) now produces at least one biome
      • Writing a biome such that the biome sequence rule is expanded prevents it from generating more
      • Reworked the internals of the GUIs (smoother, and more robust)
      • Tiled biome can take more biomes
      • Fixes some poems to remove a repeat
    • Fixed

      • Missing symbols in creative notebooks

      • Fixes instability potion effects not affect players

      • Fixes items being lost when dropped into empty desk surface

      • Fixes some empty string issues with Agedata saving/loading

      • Fixes desk backboard not showing up in creative menu

      • Fixes synchronization on TextBox entry

      • Fixing tooltip postioning and refactoring

  • Updated OpenBlocks 1.2.7 - 1.2.8
    • Added
      • blocks can now be rotated with most other mod tools

      • very simple pedometer

      • on_inventory command to store and restore players inventory

      • storing inventory on player's death (may be later restored with command)

      • sponge-on-a-stick

      • Tiny People

    • Changed

      • grave blast resistance, grave breaking when block below is destroyed

      • using dye on guide block now changes markers color

      • guide block now displays total number of marker blocks on change

      • tanks are now comparator compatible

    • Fixed

      • changed material of most blocks from dirt to stone (should be now easily breakable with pick)

      • Natura clouds added to default cartographer blacklist

      • ComputerCraft 1.6 compatibility

      • Trophy drops now enchantment sensitive, don’t drop from non-player kill

      • error while connecting to some radio servers

      • “Magnet too far” when trying to deactivate

      • ineffective tank algorithm

      • yet another XP duplication bug

      • crash in crayon item with missing NBT

      • shuffle flim-flam breaking items with inventory GUI

      • changed some URL links to use load-balanced versions, URL auto-replace

      • random inventory render glitches

  • Updated OpenModsLib 0.4b - 0.5
  • Updated OpenPeripheralAddons 0.1.3 - .0.1.4
    • Fixed
      • ComputerCraft compatibility
      • Terminal glasses not resetting on player logout
      • Chaining proxies causing crash
  • Updated OpenPeripheralCore 0.3.3 - 0.4.0
    • Added
      • Railcraft Boiler integration
      • maxDamage returned for items
    • Fixed
      • Bee list returning language specific IDs only
      • removed setAccess from TE Strongboxes
      • ComputerCraft compatibility
  • Updated Opis 1.2.0 - 1.2.2
    • Added
      • Deeper network profiling. The network tab now shows the type of packet/channel and some other data.
      • Ping measurement. This will compute the round trip + data processing.
      • Rendering handlers client side.
      • Event profiling server & client side.
      • A tool to detect orphaned and duplicated TileEntities.
      • Cumulative stats for Entities and TileEntities timing.
      • List of TileEntities (doesn't require timing data).
    • Changed
      • Redesigned of the tabbing
      • Massive Refactor and Network Optimization
  • Updated ReactorCraft 19b - 23c
  • Updated Roguelike Dungeons 1.3.0 - 1.3.2
    • Added
      • Level 5 Nether Theme detailing
      • Obsidian room to level 5
      • Avidya Dojo
      • Nebrian Sanctum
      • Ashlea's Bakery
      • Storage Room
      • Added Skulls to corridor shelves
      • Loot configuration
    • Changed
      • Changed First level to Oak
      • Dungeons generated in the same place and seed are now identical
      • Blocks in chests now occur in stacks of 64, and less often
    • Fixed
      • Rare crash caused by placing skulls
  • Updated RotaryCraft 19b - 23b
  • Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.3-130 - 2.3-140
    • Fixed
      • Crash caused by KAMI and Mirror
      • Erroring focii
      • Crash with updating Ichor Wands
  • Updated Thermal Expansion -
    • Changed
      • Blizz will now spawn on stone, in cold biomes, when dark
      • Chance for Dye in the pulveriser reduced to 5% by default
    • Fixed
      • Cryotheum should no longer solidify non-source glowstone
      • White wool in a pulveriser no longer gives dye
      • Fixes occasional crash caused by loading a world with already stuffed ducts
  • Updated Tinkers Mechworks - 0.1.6
    • Added
      • Filters
    • Fixed
      • Strange bug with drawbridges creating duplicate copies of every tile entity everywhere.
  • Updated WAILA 1.5.2 - 1.5.2a
    • Added
      • Compatibility with latest Thermal Expansion
    • Changed
      • All revealing items in Thaumcraft will show the proper essentias

    Config Changes
  • Logistics Pipes
    • Disabled TE Pipe Support
    • Disabled Update Checker
  • Special Mobs
    • Enabled Passive Griefing
    • Lowered chance for getting a special mob with no AI pattern