Infinity 1.7 1.2.0


Infinity 1.2.0


Mod NameVersion
Admin Command Toolbox0.0.2a
Advanced Solar Panels3.5.1
Applied Energistics 2rv2-beta-8
Better Title Screen1.1
BiblioWoods BoP1.9
BiblioWoods Forestry1.7
BiblioWoods Natura1.5
Big Reactors0.4.1A2
Binnie's Mods2.0-pre6b
Biomes O Plenty2.1.0.1057
Blood Magic1.3.0b-3
Carpenter's Blocks3.3.5
CoFH Core3.0.0RC1-181
Dense Ores1.5
Draconic Evolution1.0.1-snapshot 3
Extra Utilities1.2.1
Forbidden Magic0.552
Forge Multipart1.1.1.320
Funky Locomotionbeta-5a
Gravitation Suite2.0.3
Hat Stand4.0.0
IC2 Nuclear Control2.1.2a
Inventory Tweaks1.58-147
Iron Chests6.0.43.730
JourneyMap Server1.0.2
Logistics Pipes0.8.3.95
Magic Bees2.1.22
MineFactory Reloaded2.8.0RC7-71
MineTweaker 30.9C
NEI Addons1.12.4.16
NEI Integration1.0.7
Nether Ores2.3.0RC4-4
Not Enough Items1.0.4.83
Not Enough Keys1.0.0b29
Not Enough Resources0.1.0.86
OpenPeripheral All-In-OneAIO-1
Pam's Harvestcraft1.7.10f
Redstone Arsenal1.1.0RC2-43
RF Tools2.50
Runic Dungeons1.0.3
Simply Jetpacks1.4.1
Solar Expansion1.4d-fix
Steve's Carts2.0.0.b18
Steve's Factory ManagerA93
Steve's Workshop0.5.1
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin1.7
Thaumic Energistics0.8.9.0b-rv2
Thaumic Exploration1.1-36
Thaumic Tinkerer2.5-466
Thermal Dynamics1.0.0RC1-69
Thermal Expansion4.0.0RC1-119
Thermal Foundation1.0.0RC2-53
Tinker's Construct1.8.2a
Tinker's Construct Tooltips1.2.3
Tinker's Mechworks0.2.12.95
Twilight Forest2.3.3
Waila Harvestability1.1.2

Version Changes

  • Added Decocraft 1.11
  • Added Forbidden Magic 0.552
  • Added Thaumic Exploration 1.1-36
  • Added Thermal Dynamics 1.0.0RC1-69
  • Removed Dooglamoo Junior Archaeology
  • Updated bdlib -
    • Changed
      • Log level of some spammy messages in the config system
    • Fixed
      • Crash when placing multiblock modules at y=0
      • Error that caused some GUi Elements to be bigger by 1 pixel than intended
  • Updated Binnie's Mods 2.0-pre5 - 2.0-pre6b
    • Changed
      • Can place two block flowers (rose, lilac and peony)
      • Ocean bees now mutate in any ocean biome (not just vanilla)
      • Gene registration now occurs world load to prevent load order issues
      • Black pigment can be crafted using ink sac and two other pigments due to unobtainable black flowers
    • Fixed
      • Compatibility with Forestry 3.4.0
      • Sap/resion energy in biogas engine
      • Localisation issues with woodworker GUIs
      • Blocking crash on servers 
  • Updated Botania r1.4-159 - r1.5-163
  • Updated Buildcraft 6.3.3 - 6.3.6
    • Added
      • Support for most buildcraft factory blocks in the builder
    • Fixed
      • Crash with artifice
      • Builders using uncolored pipes for colored pipes
      • Search bar crash in creative mode
      • No RecipeSorter configuration for PipColoringRecipe
      • Edge case bugs in auto workbenches
      • Massive refinery bandwidth usage
      • Refinery accepting fuel as input
      • Lists only using the first stack in each line
      • Accept Equivalents button not syncing properly in lists
      • High oil viscosity
      • Partial localization for BC commands
      • Assembly Table GUI synchronization
  • Updated CodeChickenLib -
  • Updated CoFHCore 3.0.0B9-40 - 3.0.0RC1-181
  • Updated Forge Multipart -
  • Updated Funky Locomotion beta-4 - beta-5a
    • Added
      • iWrench - Advanced version of the wrench that shows obstructions but only while being held
      • Ability to left click 'Movers' (pushers/pullers/sliders) with the wrench of iWrench to trigger them to move
      • Support for blocks mimicking frame blocks
    • Changed
      • Movers now push blocks immediately but have a 5 tick cooldown
    • Fixed
      • Dedicated server crash
  • Updated Gendustry -
    • Changed
      • Lowered log levl of some spammy messages in the config system
    • Fixed
      • Pollen Collection Kit producing invalid items from binnie's flowers
  • Updated IndustrialCraft2 2.2.667 - 2.2.681
    • Added
      • Ability to paint hardened clay, glass and glass panes with painters
      • Charging Batteries
      • CESU tier charging battery 
    • Changed
      • Iridium to have harvest level 100
      • Crops to be localized properly
      • Reduced startup console output
    • Fixed
      • Invalid item stacks in armor slots
      • Tool queries for the chain saw
      • Enet assertion
  • Updated INpureCore 1.0.0B8-49 - 1.0.0B9-54
    • Fixed
      • Issue where other mods using NEI config classes would break filtering
      • Issue with technic's launcher where filtering would break depending on the order of jars on the classpath
  • Updated Jabba 1.2.0a - 1.2.1
    • Added
      • Config option to reverse behaviour of left clicking so a click is one item and a shift click is a stack
      • Dolly support for BluePower Machines by request of K-4U
    • Changed
      • Adjusted break texture from nothing to nearly nothing as a temporary work around for a Chisel bug that is being looked into
      • Dollied Monster Spawners now show the name of the entity they spawn in their item tool-tip
      • Tweaked texture generation to reduce incidences of blank textures
    • Fixed
      • Fake input stack is now created on world load for barrels that need it
      • First ghost update sent to a client will now not (fake) clear a locked barrel if it is emptied
      • Recipes are now created using the OreDictionary name defined in the config file where appropriate. (Regression fix)
      • Block world texture generation now correctly works on structural levels which are multiples of 10
      • Added additional protection against invalid calls to Block Methods
      • Barrels with Creative Upgrades on them will now properly drop their actual stored amount when broken
      • Any barrels that have a structural upgrade higher than the current max tier after editing the config will now be downgraded and marked in the log to prevent NPE's
      • Hopper upgrades should no longer stack items in inventories greater than the inventory normally allows.
  • Updated MineFactory Reloaded 2.8.0RC6-5 - 2.8.0RC7-71
  • Updated MrTJPCore -
    • Added
      • Weighted Random resolver
      • Crude cubemap rendering
      • New world helper functions
      • Model parsing helper functions
      • World generation and retrogen handler
      • World generators
      • Plant Helper classes
      • Perlin Noise Generator
      • Utility class for configs
      • Block library
      • mcmeta file
  • Updated NEI Addons -
    • Added
      • ProjectE philosopher's stone support
    • Changed
      • MPSA crafting support to work with QXE version
      • Removed outdated TiC crafting station compat
  • Updated NEI Integration 1.0.6 - 1.0.7
    • Added
      • More nullchecks in the railcraft handlers
  • Updated Project Red -
    • Added
      • Stacking Latch gate 
      • Segment Display gate 
      • Deviating Lily 
      • Config option for minimum timer gate settings
      • Pressure tubes + Importer machine 
      • Block Breaker 
      • Decoding Randomizer gate 
    • Changed
      • Complete gate rewrite 
      • Simplified Extractor chip's glitchy side selection 
      • Enabled tube device inventory export 
    • Fixed
      • SR Latch stuck state bug 
      • Infinite update loop on Bus Input Panel 
      • Colored Lights crash 
      • Many incorrect/weird gate models 
      • Some awkward volcano generation
      • Crash on world generation 
      • Time set on sequencers 
      • Sickles not harvesting tall grass 
      • Light halos breaking at large world coordinates 
      • Rare crash with array gate placement 
      • Thermal Expansion compatibility 
      • Lily maturing fully after world reload 
  • Updated Redstone Arsenal 1.1.0RC1-19 - 1.1.0RC2-43
  • Updated RF Tools 2.42 - 2.50
    • Added
      • Environmental Controller
        • With this block you can control the environment around you using modules. It can affect a cylinder shaped area around you with a maximum radius of 100 and possibly going from the bottom of the world to the top. Of course, larger areas will require more power. There are currently 4 different modules implemented (and their 'plus' versions): regeneration, haste, speed, and saturation. Many more modules will come in the future.
      • New wireless redstone logic blocks. There is a redstone transmitter and receiver.
      • Various new screen modules
        • New redstone screen module that can show a different text based on a wireless redstone signal. To link you also right click the module on a transmitter or receiver.
        • New Counter and Counter Plus modules. These interface directly with the Counter logic block to show you the current state of the counter.
        • Implemented the inventory module. It can show up to 4 slots out of an inventory. Also added an inventory plus module.
      • Waila tooltip for counter logic block
      • Custom death message when power runs out in a dimension
      • Achievements for RFTools
      • Special Seed dimlet that can be used to copy the seed of a dimension into the dimlet and use that to force the seed of another rftools dimension
      • Efficiency and Mediocre efficiency essence items for the dimlet workbench
    • Changed
      • Optimized counter block
      • Small refactor of screen system to have a slightly more efficient way to send over data from the server to client
      • Increased power capacity of the crafter to keep up with fast crafting setups
    • Fixed
      • Tooltip of extract button on the dimlet workbench
      • Incorrect seed for RFTools dimensions
  • Updated Runic Dungeons 1.0.2 - 1.0.3
    • Fixed
      • World corruption with the dungeon guardian
  • Updated Simply Jetpacks 1.3.2 - 1.4.1
    • Added
      • Jetpack sounds
      • Crafting recipe for Flux-Infused JetPlate even if redstone arsenal is not installed
      • Localization for keybind names
      • Small limit on how quickly jetpacks can be charged by external sources
    • Changed
      • Jetpack particles now spread out a little bit instead of going straight down
      • All jetpack/flux pack types can be tuned individually
      • Creative Jetpacks now have rainbow smoke particles by default
      • Removed flat jetpack armor models
    • Fixed
      • Crash on dedicated server startup
  • Updated Thaumcraft -
    • Changed
      • Arcane levitator detects shift rather than checking if entity is sneaking
    • Fixed
      • Wisp hitbox
      • Bone Bow recipe not checking if it is craftable against its own research instead of arcane stone
      • Possible fix for amber rendering crash
  • Updated Thaumcraft NEI Plugin 1.6a - 1.7
    • Added
      • Ability to auto fill the arcane worktable via shift-click on the [?] button
    • Changed
      • Recipe and usage function on aspects when you are looking at other thaumcraft recipes
    • Fixed
      • Recipes showing rotated
  • Updated Thermal Expansion 4.0.0B8-23 - 4.0.0RC1-119
  • Updated Thermal Foundation 1.0.0RC1-13 - 1.0.0RC2-53
  • Updated ttCore 0.1.0-66 - 0.1.0-67
    • Added
      • BlockCoord.getMetadata
  • Updated Twilight Forest 2.3.2 - 2.3.3
    • Added
      • Tooltip to fiery and yeti items
    • Changed
      • Renamed penguin to glacier penguin to avoid conflicts
      • Renamed highlands biome to twilight highlands
      • Removed fiery aura and chill aura enchants instead making the effect innate to the items
      • Began converting lighted forest biome to firefly forest
      • Glowstone in hanging lamps to firefly jars
      • Increased firefly jar brightness
      • Removed debug message when generating minotaur maze
    • Fixed
      • Crash when using magic beans on a dedicated server
      • NPE with sorting tree block
      • Crash when using enderbow on a dedicated server
  • Updated Waila Harvestability 1.1.1 - 1.1.2
    • Added
      • Special compatibility for the creative blocks mod (Harvestability info will be hidden for blocks whitelisted as creative blocks)
  • Updated Wawla 1.0.9 - 1.1.1
    • Added
      • Support for iChun's Hats mod
      • Ability to see Entities Armor Points
      • Ability to see an armor item's protection value
    • Changed
      • Removed Wawla developer module
      • Entity equipment is now only shown when sneaking
    • Fixed
      • Modules not being targeted, causing all modules to run, even if not needed
      • Correct tool types were always presented as english, this has been changed and added to language files
      • Issue with mob age and birth showing when not needed
      • Entity equpment not showing held items
      • Issue with villager nbt not syncing
      • Issue with missing options
      • Enchantment tool code being redundant

    Config Changes

  • Botania
    • Disabled shedding of blaze, chicken, ghast, skeleton, slime, spider, squid, and villager
  • iChun Util
    • Disabled Version Checker
  • MFR
    • Disable Sacred Rubber Sapling as stronghold library loot
    • Disabled restriction for being able to craft only one DSU at a time
  • Railcraft
    • Disabled Version Checker