Infinity 1.7 1.3.0


Infinity 1.3.0


Mod NameVersion
Admin Command Toolbox0.0.2a
Advanced Solar Panels3.5.1
Applied Energistics 2rv2-beta-8
BiblioWoods BoP1.9
BiblioWoods Forestry1.7
BiblioWoods Natura1.5
Big Reactors0.4.2A2
Binnie's Mods2.0-pre8
Biomes O Plenty2.1.0.1067
Blood Magic1.3.1-7
Buildcraft Compat6.4.0
Carpenter's Blocks3.3.5
CoFH Core3.0.0RC7-211
Custom Main Menu1.2
Dense Ores1.5
Draconic Evolution1.0.0e
Extra Utilities1.2.2
Forbidden Magic0.562
Forge Multipart1.1.1.320
Funky Locomotionbeta-5a
Gravitation Suite2.0.3
Hat Stand4.0.0
IC2 Nuclear Control2.1.2a
Inventory Tweaks1.58-147
Iron Chests6.0.43.730
JourneyMap Server1.0.2
Logistics Pipes0.8.3.108
Magic Bees2.1.22
MineFactory Reloaded2.8.0RC8-86
MineTweaker 30.9C
NEI Addons1.12.4.16
NEI Integration1.0.7
Nether Ores2.3.0RC4-4
Not Enough Items10.4.90
Not Enough Keys1.0.0b29
Not Enough Resources0.1.0.95
OpenPeripheral All-In-OneAIO-1
Pam's Harvestcraft1.7.10g
Redstone Arsenal1.1.0RC7-65
Resource Loader1.0
RF Tools2.62
Runic Dungeons1.1.0
Simply Jetpacks1.4.1
Solar Expansion1.4f
Steve's Carts2.0.0.b18
Steve's Factory ManagerA93
Steve's Workshop0.5.1
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin1.7
Thaumic Energistics0.8.9.0b-rv2
Thaumic Exploration1.1-36
Thaumic Tinkerer2.5-470
Thermal Dynamics1.0.0RC7-98
Thermal Expansion4.0.0RC7-141
Thermal Foundation1.0.0RC7-62
Tinker's Construct1.8.3b
Tinker's Construct Tooltips1.2.3
Tinker's Mechworks0.2.14.100
Twilight Forest2.3.4
Waila Harvestability1.1.2

Version Changes

  • Removed BetterTitleScreen
  • Added CustomMainMenu 1.2
  • Added ResourceLoader 1.0
  • Updated Agricraft 1.2.2 - 1.3.1
    • Added
      • Hand Rake tool which can remove weeds
      • Config option to change maximum stat cap on crops
      • Config option to divide the stats on a newly mutated crops
      • Config option to let the cactus drop produce cactus blocks instead of cactus green
      • Villagers for greenhouse
      • MineTweaker3 support for changing growth requirements
      • Compatibility with Jaquadro's GardenStuff
      • Support for Psychedelicraft
      • Nitor Wart
    • Changed
      • Particle setting now decreases number of particles from sprinkler
      • The background of the seed portrait in the journal is now the required soil
      • You can now specify any block as a specific soil for custom crops
      • Adding cross-crop sticks won't clear weeds anymore
      • Overhauled the way mutation requirements work: instead of setting specific requirements for mutations, you now have to set specific requirements for growing.
      • The requirement for a mutation to happen is the same as for growing: A plant can only mutate if it can grow there
      • NEI will show the needed soil and required base block (if any) for mutations
      • Potatoes sometimes drop poisonous potatoes now
      • Register seeds and their produce as seed<Name> and crop<Name> in the ore dictionary
      • Spreading from only 1 crop will not cause any stat increases (unless toggled in the config)
      • Added a difficulty for increasing stats in the config. 1: all surrounding crops will affect stat increase. 2: Only parent/identical crops will affect stat increase. 3: Same as 2, but other crops will affect stat inheritance negatively
      • Made the recipe for crops shaped to prevent conflicts with buildcraft wooden gears
      • Renamed mushroom seeds to spores
    • Fixed
      • Sprinklers no longer hate railcraft hidden blocks

      • Moved Botania crops to post init to possibly fix the crops not dropping petals

      • Nether wart not being recognised as a valid seed (Marcin212)

      • Sprinkler not stopping when water in the channel above ran out

      • Waila not showing accurate fluid levels for channel, tank and valve

      • Fixed crop not re-rendering on changes

      • Stats are now being reduced on mutating instead of spreading

      • Seeds being able to be planted on unhydrated farmland while farming was disabled

      • NEI mutation GUI ignoring soil meta value

      • Infinite loop when specifying BaseBlock of type 2

      • Moved resource crops to post-init to enable resource crops for mods that register their ore dictionary entries too late

      • Cactus crop dropping cactus with metadata 2 if the config option was on

      • Crash with CoFH

      • (hopefully) Fixed weird ingot to nugget recipes getting registered

      • Nether wart always yielding one fruit, regardless of gain level

      • Sprinkler lag
      • Crashes related to analyzed seeds in the journal after removing mods
      • Planting crops on soul sand
      • Broken scythes harvesting crops
      • Blacklisted seeds bypassing disabling of vanilla farming incorrectly
  • Updated Bibliocraft 1.9.2 - 1.10.2
    • Added
      • Furniture Paneler
      • Framed Blocks
      • Framing Saw
      • Framing Sheet
      • Framing Bard
      • Plumb Line
      • Attachable Desks
      • GUI to borderless painting frames
      • Config for pre-block fast rendering
    • Changed
      • Clipboards are now placeable on walls
    • Fixed
      • Crash when connecting hoppers to map frames
      • Sword pedestals not accepting swords from hoppers
      • Tape measure not removing the pole at coordinates zero
      • Dupe bug with dinner plates
      • Bug now allowing custom painting resource packs to be read from folders
      • Crash with blue power
      • Crash when loading resource packs in folder
  • Updated Big Reactors 0.4.1A2 - 0.4.2A2
    • Added
      • setControlRodName and getControlRodLocation methods to computer port
    • Changed
      • Picks/wrenches can properly break a cyanite reprocessor without losing the blocks
      • ComputerCraft errors with Big Reactors will show up as errors in the computercraft computer rather than in the console log
    • Fixed
      • Turbines accepting metal blocks as coil blocks
      • Saving issues with waste-ejection settings
      • Collision Geometry for turbine rotor breaings
  • Updated Binnie's Mods 2.0-pre7 - 2.0-pre8
    • Added
      • Forestry woods to woodworker
      • Mystical bee
      • Hollyhock flower
    • Changed
      • Stopped machines consuming dye/enzymes when idle
      • Clay combs give clay instead of clay dust
    • Fixed
      • Crash with lumbermill
      • Recipe using wrong honey
      • Crash when using database in lab stand
      • Gate recipe overwriting vanilla
  • Updated Blood Magic 1.3.0b-3 - 1.3.1-7
    • Added
      • Chat spam at start-up for the compression registry
      • Few ritual diviner changes
      • Telposer blacklist
      • Base effects for the Orchestra of the Phantom Hands ritual
      • Initial book stuff
      • Ability to add meteor paradigms via MineTweaker
      • Condition caleld "Pax Pox"
    • Changed
      • Soul Fray can no longer be cured by milk
      • Improved load time of the Compression Handler
    • Fixed
      • issue to prevent null ItemStacks from interfering with the Compression Sigil
      • Routing ritual so that it would respect imposed stack limits >= 64.
      • Lots more bugs
      • Compression Sigil compressing players our of servers
      • Sigil of the Blood Lamp so that  it may now work properly in the Sigil of Holding
  • Updated Botania r1.5-165 - r1.5-169
  • Updated Buildcraft 6.4.1 - 6.4.3
    • Changed
      • Robot energy usage lowered by about 4 -10 times
      • Robot carriers now try to fill their inventory before changing stations
    • Fixed
      • Refinery not accepting biomass
      • Knights not attacking certain mobs
      • Block-breaking robots going into sleep mode after destroying one block
      • Charging table storing negative RF
      • Energy cooling issues
      • Picker robots trying to move to the same block they're in
      • Planters ignoring Zone Planner areas
      • Robot dupe when linked to non-main station
      • Robot recharging slightly buggy
      • Robot sleep energy usage too high
      • Exceptions in Pump Robots
      • Programming Table crash
      • Entity stripes handler duping items
      • Builder lag
      • Combustion engine not recognized as tank from front
      • Incorrect forge dependency
      • Infinite loop when looping through direction paramaters and no pipes are connected
      • Invalid power scale for laser colours
      • Low/High energy stored trigger working incorrectly
      • Robots flying away when searching for a station to recharge
  • Downgraded CodeChickenCore -
  • Updated CoFHCore 3.0.0RC2-195 - 3.0.0RC7-211
  • Updated ComputerCraft 1.65 - 1.73
    • Added
      • Command Computers

      • New API: commands

      • New programs: commands, exec

      • Textutils.serializeJSON()

    • Changed
      • Disk Drives and Printers can now be renamed with Anvils

      • Documented all the new features in the in-game help system

      • The “exec” program, commands.exec() and all related Command Computer functions now return the console output of the command.

    • Fixed
      • Problems with HD texture packs
      • Various bug, crashes and exploits
      • Two multiplayer-only crash bugs when placing certain blocks.

  • Updated Decocraft 1.11 - 1.12b
    • Added
      • 36 New models
    • Fixed
      • Storage bugs
      • Forge bug that only allowed the mod to be run in 1.7.2
  • Downgraded Draconic Evolution 1.0.1 - 1.0.0e
    • Was on beta channel, moved back to release channel
  • Updated Forbidden Magic 0.552 - 0.562
    • Added
      • All seven sin shards are now obtainable
      • Ring of Nutrition - Cookies are actually filling now
      • Wand Focus: Blink - Walking is too much work
      • Primal Scribing Tools - They're back!
      • Tainted Tree - Spoopy
      • Tainted Stone
      • Twilight Forest support for the Wrath Cage
    • Changed
      • Ars Magica 2 integration enabled by default because people don't read configs.
      • Vis crafting cost on the Dreamwood Staff toned down a wee bit
      • Completely reorganized the Apocrypha tab
      • Warp levels toned down
      • A few researches are easier now
      • Gluttony items can now be disabled or changed to Hardcore Mode recipes in the config
      • Capitalism enchant now uses Greed Shards
      • Thaumic Cake now uses Gluttony Shards
      • Riding Crop is more encouraging
      • Eldritch Blood Orb now returns the Primordial Pearl if successfully infused
      • Crystal Scribing Tools no longer cost vis to refill
    • Fixed
      • The mod will not even bother starting if you use an outdated version of Thaumcraft. This is why we can't have nice things.
      • The mod will abort adding cross-mod research if it can't find the items necessary for recipes because you're using an outdated version of that mod.
      • Impact enchantment should play nice with other mods now.
      • Blood Magic items no longer crash on trying to set owner
      • Plea of Delayed Insanity no longer crashes
      • Conversion wands no longer charge full price for fractional vis
      • Crystal Scribing Tools are craftable again
      • Enchantments are now weighted and should not cause crashes with randomly enchanted gear
      • Ball and Chain Goblins removed from Wrath Cage support due to funky rendering crashes.
      • Pech Mage and Stalker removed from Imprinted Crystal list. There's no way to handle those without serious hardcoding.
      • Botania flowers now affected by Overgrowth Seeds
      • Botania flowers now have icons in the Lexicon
      • Warp for Witchwood Wand restored
  • Updated Gendustry - 1.4.8.hotfix1
    • Fixed
      • Crash if BC Core and/or CoFH API is present
  • Updated Headcrumbs 1.3.0 - 1.3.1
    • Added
      • EnderZoo Heads
      • Few new names
      • Config to blacklist dimensions which celebrities would spawn in
      • Config option to disable VIPs
      • Config option to disable Baarbra
    • Updated
      • Updated changed usernames
  • Updated IndustrialCraft 2 2.2.684 - 2.2.695
    • Fixed
      • Various Issues
  • Updated Jabba 1.2.1 - 1.2.1a
    • Changed
      • Ensured that QOL Storage upgrades are always reverse craftable
    • Fixed
      • Check that packets are only sent for valid barrels
      • Color overrides when a name for a structural level does not exist
      • getStackInSlot immediately notifying neighbour
  • Updated MineFactory Reloaded 2.8.0RC7-71 - 2.8.0RC8-86
  • Updated MobiusCore 1.2.3 - 1.2.4
  • Updated NotEnoughResources -
  • Updated Opis 1.2.3 - 1.2.4a
    • Fixed
      • Problem with colored chats and command auto command completion
      • Server error on /help
  • Updated Pam's Harvestcraft 1.7.10f - 1.7.10g
    • Added
      • Config to Change candle recipe amount with candlerecipeAmount
      • Config to Change candle light amount with candlelightLevel
      • Config to Change temperate fruit tree rarity with temperatefruittreeRarity
      • Config to Change tropical fruit tree rarity with tropical fruittreeRarity
      • Config to Change coniferious fruit tree rarity with coniferiousfruittreeRarity
      • Config to Customize currency item used to buy specific items with marketcurreny(Item) options
      • Config to Customize middle item used to make Market block
      • Savanna biome tag for Ground gardens
      • Config to Allow fruit trees to gen in Twilight Forest with enabletwilightforestfruittreeGen
      • Config to Allow gardens to gen in Twilight Forest with enabletwilightforestgardenGen
      • Config to Allow fruit trees to gen in Aroma1997's Dimensional World with enableAroma1997sdimensionalworldfruittreeGen
      • Config to Allow gardens to gen in Aroma1997's Dimensional World with enableAroma1997sdimensionalworldgardenGen
    • Changed
      • Massive overhaul to configs
      • All food recipes now require only a single tool (too many changes to list)
      • Chocolate ice cream now requires Mixing Bowl
      • Spagetti and Meatballs now requires Mixing Bowl
      • Taco and Fish Taco now require Cutting Board
      • Lemon Smoothie now requires Juicer
      • Soft Pretzel and Mustard now requires no tools to make
      • Banana Split now requires Mixing Bowl
      • Sunflower Broccoli Salad now requires Cutting Board instead of Mixing Bowl
      • Added: Candles now use OreDictionary for dyes in recipe
      • Split fruittreeRarity config into temperate, tropical, and coniferious versions
      • Changed capitalization for some config options
      • Split marketsellSaplings config into temperate, tropical, and coniferious versions
      • Split marketsellfarmAnimals config into Pig, Sheep, Cow, Chicken, and Horse versions
      • Changed Swamp biome tags to Wet for gardens
      • Queen bees will now always produce one grub before they die
      • Updated recipe file completely and attempted to make some things easier to read
      • Made the Config file read-able and added comments
      • Tropical fruit trees now spawn in Hot/Not Plains/Not Dry or Wet/Not Plains/Not Dry areas
    • Fixed
      • Fruit tree swarms
  • Updated Project Red -
    • Fixed
      • ComputerCraft compatibility
      • Flat gate texture crash
      • Crash with tools inside crafting benches
      • Array gates not passing signal to other gates
  • Updated Redstone Arsenal 1.1.0RC2-43 - 1.1.0RC7-65
  • Updated RF Tools 2.54 - 2.62
    • Added
      • /rftdim recover, createtab, loaddim, savedim, and savedims command
      • Volcano Feature, Spawn Special and Weather dimlets
      • Config option to respawn in the rftools dimension if they die
      • Various ores to dimlets.json
      • Option to control what happens when sleeping in a bed in an RFTools dimension
      • Warning on teleporting when the matter receiver is getting low on power
      • Option to make a matter transmitter consume power when dialed and idle
      • Matter booster block
      • 'nearlands' terrain dimlet. A pun on the farlands.
      • Dimlet validation in the dimension enscriber
      • Blacklisting of entire mods for material and liquid dimlets
      • Dimlet tooltip to show if it was blacklisted
      • Storage cell biome from AE2 to blacklist
    • Changed
      • Reworked way dimlets are recognised by the game
      • Improved formatting output of the dump rarity command
      • Moved dimletsettings configuration to dimlets.cfg
      • Made the filter biome controller somewhat safer so that it doesn't crash in some rare bordercases.
      • The shield can now stop rain but you still have to set the 'item' filter to solid.
    • Fixed
      • Bug when the randomizeSeed option was enabled (which is not by default).since randomizeSeed is not enabled by default but it is enabled for the upcoming Pathfinder modpack.
      • Texture for the feather falling plus module
      • Rare bug that could cause the dimension information to be lost in single player.
      • Serious bug in Single player that could cause the dimension info to be lost/corrupt
      • Oregen Feature dimlet
      • Disappearing of Activity Probe, Destination Analyzer and Matter Booster block when being mined
      • Problem with config comments being lost
      • Most commands so they no longer depend on a player performing them so they should also work from the server console.
      • Problem when creating random empty worlds. It would crash then.
      • Bugfix in the dimension enscriber where the first dimlet would not be parsed correctly when a new dimension was constructed.
      • Fixed blacklisting of dimlets. It was not working properly (i.e. not at all :-)
      • Shift-click inventory bug
  • Updated Runic Dungeons 1.0.6b - 1.1.0
    • Added
      • Runic Bricks
      • 3x3 and 5x5 portals
      • Config to allow rooftop access to dungeon
      • Config option for chalk to generate in normal dungeon chests
    • Changed
      • How much of the dungeon generates
      • Guardians have a higher chance of dropping amulets
      • EnderIO Powered Spawners can no longer spawn Dungeon Guardians
      • EnderIO Soul Vials can no longer capture Dungeon Guardians
      • MFR AutoSpawners can no longer spawn Dungeon Guardians
      • MFR Safari Nets can no longer capture Dungeon Guardians
      • MFR Grinders can no longer kill Dungeon Guardians
    • Fixed
      • Server crash on breaking portal
      • Amulet effect times
      • Config files being derpy
      • Amulets not working correctly
      • Portal creation
      • Chalk not generating correctly
  • Updated Tinkers Construct 1.8.2a - 1.8.3b
    • Added
      • Gear-Module that adds integration for gear-casting if mods with gears are present
      • Complete Thermal Expansion/Foundation integration with the new fluids and some recipies
      • More IMCs for other mods (Thermal Foundation materials should now be repairable with the newest version)
      • Dynamic/Zelda Sword Skills support
      • Config option to disable Villager melting into emeralds
    • Changed
      • Rebalance arrow/bolt damage
      • Buff throwing knives
      • Shurikens can now be thrown with tool-rightclick just like splash-potions/block-placement
      • Quartz now always adds flat damage to all ranged hits
      • Bouncepads don't break transparency anymore
      • Nametags can now be used in a Tool Station/Forge to rename anything
    • Fixed
      • Bows and some other things causing extreme FPS lag in some instances (thanks skyboy)
      • Slight offset when aiming (also thanks skyboy)
      • Achievements in multiplayer
      • Reinforced sometimes not working properly
      • An issue with RF modifiers if a specific mod combination occured
      • Several Crash/Bug Fixes
      • A serverside bug in the previous fix. How meta
      • Buckets
  • Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-469 - 2.5-470
  • Updated Thermal Dynamics 1.0.0RC2-77 - 1.0.0RC7-98
  • Updated Thermal Expansion 4.0.0RC2-129 - 4.0.0RC7-141
  • Updated Thermal Foundation 1.0.0RC3-56 - 1.0.0RC7-62
  • Updated Tinkers Mechworks -
    • Added
      • Block info command
    • Fixed
      • Drawbridges placing EnderStorage blocks
  • Updated Twilight Forest 2.3.3 - 2.3.4
    • Added
      • /tfprogress command
      • Spawn hint monster near player when player is having progression problems
  • Updated Witchery 0.22.0 - 0.23.2
    • Added
      • Winged Monkeys - Tameable, dyeable, creature made by mutating a dog with and owl. Can pick up and carry players to places, or fetch players or other mobs.
      • Town keeps - a small keep structure for villages, comes with some town guards.
      • Watchtowers - a structure for villages, comes with some town guards.
      • Book Shoppe- a structure for villages, contains a bunch of basic books from various mods on its walls.
      • Town Walls - a curtain wall circling a village, comes with town guards.
      • Village Guards - beefy, armored, patrolling villagers, that shoot arrows at mobs and players who attack the village/villagers. Village guards will defend high reputation players, if attacked by another player.
      • Village mayors - Players with high reputation can assign villagers guard duty, making them into Village Guards.
      • Larger villages - villages can now generate to span a much larger area.
      • Villages in more biomes.
      • Snowy villages - new snow theme for villages that generate in snowy biomes.
      • Sleeping villagers - Villagers will now go to sleep if they are inside at night. They will regenerate health, and other stats, if they sleep long enough.
      • Aguamenti mystic branch effect will now also fill kettles and witches' cauldrons
      • Higher level werewolves now transform faster when using the Moon Charm
      • Vampires - Blood sucking mobs
      • Vampirism - Players can become vampires and level up. Extra hotbar with skills, suck blood (for hunger refill and power for abilities), transfix victims, run like the wind, swarm of bats form, fear the sun!
      • Vampire Clothing - Gives some buffs to vampires, looks the part.
      • Cane Sword - A sword in a cane!
      • Garlic - Multi stage plant
      • Meaty Stew - Very nourishing, made with garlic
      • Garlic Garland - Place around to keep vampires at bay
      • Garlic potion effect for witches' cauldrons, weakens vampires
      • Hunter Dawn Armor - extra protection from vampires
      • Coffin - Allows vampires to sleep though the day
      • Sunlight Grenades - Sun in a sphere, vampires beware!
      • Sunlight Collector - For charging sunlight grenades
      • Blood-stained Wool - Decoration block, used for making vampire clothes
      • Boss - Lilith
      • Book Observations of an Immortal.
      • Glass Goblet - For drinking.
      • Blood Crucible - For charging high-level vampire powers.
      • Shaded Glass - Very similar to stained glass until it receives a redstone current, then it darkens to prevent sunburn to undead under it.
      • Wooden Stake - Use on a sleeping vampire to kill them.
      • Mod Pack support for controlling vampire quests, config options to disable the vampire ritual and questing, and two non-craftable items: Bottle of Warm Blood (that refills two drops of the player's blood bar) and Bottle of Lilith's Blood (that increases the players vampire level by 1, or makes them into a vampire otherwise, if they are at max level it fills their blood bar by 8 drops).
    • Changed
      • Witch Hunters no longer attack, nor are attacked by Minecraft Comes Alive villagers.
      • Villagers are now immune to arrows from village guards and witch hunters.
      • Demons from other mobs are affected by Harm Demon potion effects.
      • Increased the height ceiling of Winged monkeys carrying creatures to 32 blocks above the target block.
      • Vampire knockback effect only triggers if sneaking when striking.
      • Hobgoblins will flee village guards if not in a pack.
      • Moon Charms may be repaired in an anvil with a gold ingot.
      • Purified Milk may also be made from a Cake (don't ask...) since some mods remove milk buckets.
      • Placed Garlic Garlands will now be rendered at the top of the block, and allow click-though below them, this allows players to place them before a door to prevent vampire entry, and still look good.
      • Dream Weavers now work for vampires sleeping though the day in a coffin.
      • Coffin should not now open when there is a block above it.
      • Interacting with a Hobgoblin that his holding something, will now add it to the players inventory instead of just dropping it.
      • The Creative Wolf Token now cycles vampire levels if sneaking when used.
      • Modpacks and servers can now specify which blocks can be replaced by the Rite of Natures Power in the config file using the list under: NaturesPowerReplaceableBlocks
      • Hobgoblins may despawn more frequently when out in the wild.
      • Lowered the default spawn weight of Hellhounds and reduced their default despawn protection time.
      • Lord of Torment is once again weaker to the Ingianima mystic branch spell.
      • Added block protection check to normal Brew of Erosion (made in a kettle)
      • Werewolf's wolf form fast dig ability now requires the player to be sneaking to use it.
      • Snow slab recipe is now made from snow layer blocks.
      • Added a default despawn time for disease blocks, config option to reduce this further.
      • Added herbology book page for Wolfsbane.
      • Werewolf villagers now keep their trades when converting to and from wolfman form
      • Preventing forced item drops if an item GUI is shown, since some mods don't handle this correctly leading to dupe side-effects.
      • Killing hobgoblins in a village no longer decreases reputation, killing baby hobgoblins does though.
      • Wolfman rend armor ability now better detects regenerating armor.
      • Witch Hunters will no longer damage each other
      • Clearing the area of blocks when entering torment.
      • Disable visits from your Coven Witches to you base by setting the config key: B:AllowCovenWitchVisits=false
    • Fixed
      • Sticky Item custom potion effect now works correctly again.
      • Brews of Erosion had an inverted block protection effect (meaning they only worked in block protected areas, Derpy McDerpderp).
      • Open coffin lid was being inappropriately culled.
      • Sun was burning a vampire separated from the sun by a single block, if the vampire was only 1 block high (bat or shrunken) and directly below the block.
      • Guards will no longer shoot at Witch Hunters.
      • Enchantment effect on Cane Sword model was being shown even if the sword was not enchanted.
      • Added a workaround for the Ars Magica 2 issue with resized players suffocating under a block, when in bat form.
      • Hunter armor would damage werewolves, even if not silvered.
      • Stack overflow error when using some block from Ganys Nether Mod next to a silver vat, both blocks would generate and react to each others change events.
      • Some invalid cast exceptions in Fume Funnels when another mod has not cleaned up tile entities correctly. 
      • Removed some biome types from spirit spawning, seems to cause issues with Twilight forest to register in most biomes even if generation is later blocked, may also have had some effect on mob spawning in modded nether biomes. Issue seems to be related to any mobs registered as Ambient type.
      • Null Pointer Exception could occur when using the village detection rite
      • Null pointer exception could occur when a hellhound converts to a normal wolf under some circumstances
      • It was not possible to decant a custom brew in a cauldron unless a altar was near, even if the brew did not need altar power, derp.
      • Prevented an index out of bounds exception in poppets when another mod breaks somethings with rendering.
      • Protego mystic branch effect no longer destroys placed mob heads.
      • Player dying and a certain combination of spirit related events could leave a Shade of Leonard invulnerable until the chunk he is in is reloaded.
      • Prevented null pointer exception on log-in when certain potion ids have not been assigned correctly, this is still a breaking bug, but at least you can log in properly now.
      • Null pointer exception fixed in disease blocks.
      • Rare null pointer exception fixed in brew gas blocks (when another mod leaves tile entities around).
      • Deaths Hand now works as it should in boss fights.
      • Exception could occur when using the new instant waystone rituals across dimensions.
      • Incorrect message saying not enough space, when summing a demon in a circle magic ritual, and the demon is still summoning is no longer shown.
      • Modified the furnace recipe registration for witchery logs, may help with solving a Thermal Expansion dupe issue.
      • Players in wolf or wolfman form appeared as their normal model if a player was very far away in the same world and then came to them.

    No Config Changes