Infinity 1.7 1.3.4


Infinity 1.3.4


Mod NameVersion
Admin Command Toolbox0.0.2a
Advanced Solar Panels3.5.1
Applied Energistics 2rv2-beta-8
BiblioWoods BoP1.9
BiblioWoods Forestry1.7
BiblioWoods Natura1.5
Big Reactors0.4.2A2
Binnie's Mods2.0-pre8
Biomes O Plenty2.1.0.1067
Blood Magic1.3.1-7
Buildcraft Compat6.4.1
Carpenter's Blocks3.3.5
CoFH Core3.0.0RC7-211
Custom Main Menu1.2
Dense Ores1.5
Draconic Evolution1.0.1-snapshot_6
Extra Utilities1.2.2
Forbidden Magic0.562
Forge Multipart1.1.1.320
Funky Locomotionbeta-5a
Gravitation Suite2.0.3
Hat Stand4.0.0
IC2 Nuclear Control2.1.2a
Inventory Tweaks1.58-147
Iron Chests6.0.62.742
JourneyMap Server1.0.2
Logistics Pipes0.8.3.113
Magic Bees2.1.22
MineFactory Reloaded2.8.0RC8-86
MineTweaker 30.9C
NEI Addons1.12.4.16
NEI Integration1.0.7
Nether Ores2.3.0RC4-4
Not Enough Items10.4.90
Not Enough Keys1.0.0b29
Not Enough Resources0.1.0.95
OpenPeripheral All-In-OneAIO-1
Pam's Harvestcraft1.7.10g
Redstone Arsenal1.1.0RC7-65
Resource Loader1.0
RF Tools2.71
Runic Dungeons1.1.0
Simply Jetpacks1.4.1
Solar Expansion1.4f
Steve's Addons0.9.11
Steve's Carts2.0.0.b18
Steve's Factory ManagerA93
Steve's Workshop0.5.1
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin1.7
Thaumic Energistics0.8.9.0b-rv2
Thaumic Exploration1.1-36
Thaumic Tinkerer2.5-471
Thermal Dynamics1.0.0RC7-98
Thermal Expansion4.0.0RC7-141
Thermal Foundation1.0.0RC7-62
Tinker's Construct1.8.3b
Tinker's Construct Tooltips1.2.3
Tinker's Mechworks0.2.14.100
Twilight Forest2.3.4
Waila Harvestability1.1.2

Version Changes

  • Added Steve's Addons 0.9.11
  • Updated AOBD 2.4.0 - 2.5.0
    • Added
      • Metal blocks for TiC support
      • Support for Flaxbeard's Steampower
      • Support for Buildcraft Additions
      • Support for Mekanism 8
    • Changed
      • Metals are now fully translatable
      • Uses Railcraft's IMC system
  • Updated Botania r1.5-169 - r1.5-170
    • Added
      • Added a Minecart with Mana Pool and a Mana Pump to go along with it.

      • Added Phantom Ink. Can be crafted with a piece of botania armor to hide the armor model in the player.

      • Added the Flower Pouch. You guessed it, it stores flowers. And there was much rejoicing.

      • Added the Horn of the Covering. An alternate version of the Horn of the Wild that clears snow.

    • Changed
      • Floating Rannuncarpus flowers will now use the block directly below them rather than the block 2 blocks below.
      • Removed a debug print in the Ring of Correction.
      • Removed unecessary updates from the Rosa Arcana. Should make it not lag.
      • Renamed the Void Lotus to Blacker Lotus.
      • Separated the Mana Mirror and Mana Tablet entries.
      • The decay time in passive flowers will now be saved to the droped stacks if the decay option is enabled.
      • The Spectranthemum can no longer teleport Mana Tablets and other mana containing items.
    • Fixed

      • Fixed a crash when crafting with a bauble that has a cosmetic override.

      • Fixed brew vials and flasks being repairable.

      • Fixed Mana Pools being able to go into negative mana under some circumstances.

      • Fixed the Corporea Index being finnicky with Y distance.

      • Fixed the Jaded Amarathus not being inclusive of other mods' soil blocks.

      • Fixed the Orechid spawning GregTech ores by making it ignore GregTech ores altogether.

  • Updated Buildcraft 6.4.3 - 6.4.4
    • Fixed
      • Construction Marker Issues
      • CME on Planter
      • Broken alternate sealant recipe config option
      • Planters sometimes not finding valid blocks
      • Block breaking robots hanging up on air blocks (potentially)
  • Updated Buildcraft Compat 6.4.0 - 6.4.1
    • Fixed
      • EnderIO Conduit Issues
  • Updated CodeChickenCore -
  • Updated Draconic Evolution 1.0.0e - 1.0.1-snapshot_5
    • Added
      • Tool config gui
      • Tool hud display
      • Config option to disable the HUD info.
      • Energy Relay [WIP]
      • Advanced Energy Relay [WIP]
      • Energy Transceiver [WIP]
      • Advanced Energy Transceiver [WIP]
      • Crystal Wrench [WIP]
      • Version checker
      • Option to rearrange locations in advanced dislocator 
      • Ability to change mining aoe of the tools with shift right click.
      • Config option to disable ore generation.
      • Recipes for energy relays and transceivers.
      • Tool tip to charging draconium blocks.
    • Changed
      • Removed energy cost for Draconic Chest flight
      • Safety flame can now be extinguished without breaking the block it is placed on
      • Removed a few leftover debug lines
      • Implemented hud display in all configurable tools
      • Implemented hud display in energy core & stabilized spawner
      • Reduced default particle view range to 64 blocks.
      • Optimized draconium chest packet handling.
      • Blocked cheaty method of killing the dragon on servers by going out of its update range.
    • Fixed
      • Galacticraft mob soul crash
      • Disenchanter book crash
      • Network channel name too long
      • Chaos island server crash
      • Spawner display mob shaking when disabled 
      • Teleporting between dimensions breaking NEI 
      • Up and down arrows in advanced dislocator GUI.

      • Chaos guardian not spawning a portal on servers.

      • Item config gui crash (needs server testing to confirm).

      • Fake air blocks messing with energy core

      • Tesseracts not accepting energy from pylons.
      • Energy pylons not remembering which core they are connected to.
      • Spawner not working with hostile mobs when chunk loaded.
  • Updated Iron Chests -
  • Updated Logistics Pipes -
    • Fixed
      • Various Issues
  • Downgraded MobiusCore 1.2.4 - 1.2.3
  • Downgraded Opis 1.2.4a - 1.2.3
  • Updated Project Red -
    • Changed
      • Tweaked Bus converter algorithm
    • Fixed
      • Segment Display Textures
      • Lamps not updating on placement
      • Array gates not updating on signal
  • Updated RF Tools 2.62 - 2.71
    • Added
      • New Energy Extractor block. With this block you can extract energy back out of the dimension. Be careful with this as the dimension needs that power.

      • New mob spawner system! This system can spawn any mob for which a dimlet exists (withers, villagers, wisps, blazes, enderman, ...)

      • Creative only shard wand. An item to toggle between maximum and minimum infusion.

      • New tier3 shield that does 4 times as much damage with 2 times as much power.

      • New loop4 mode to the sequencer. This is similar to loop3 except that it will turn off a signal if it gets no redstone signal itself and also reset to start.

      • New /rftcfg dimletcfg command. Hold a dimlet in your hand and type this command to show what information you can add to the config for this dimlet (to help blacklist it for example).

      • Redstone handling in the dimension builder.

      • OpenComputers support for the dimension builder.

    • Changed
      • It is now possible to use the dimension editor to send over a charged receiver to the destination dimension.
      • Changed the matter transmitter to not use all power at once when you accidently step on it

      • The world type for 'normal' terrain is now forced to DEFAULT

      • Protected the dimlet workbench, the dimension enscriber, and the dimlet scrambler so that they will no longer crash in case you insert a blacklisted or invalid dimlet.

      • Changed one of the messages in the enscriber to be a bit more clear about what the issue is.

      • Changed "Err" in dimension enscriber to "Warn" to indicate that it is not always an actual error.

      • Disabled pinkslime from being selectable as random fluid for oceans (still possible for features).

      • Do not allow the nether ores to be generated at random for the terrain (to avoid the explosions).

      • The ability to add custom mob dimlets now works. Added Blizz and Wisp dimlets (so they can also be used by the spanwer) if the respective mods are present.

      • When a dimension runs out of power you now get 1000000 damage instead of 1000. Hopefully that will make it somewhat harder for people with Draconic Armor.

      • Changed the tier2 and tier3 shield recipes so that they preserve their NBT data.

    • Fixed
      • Bug in the environmental controller where it would not recalculate the amount of rf/tick needed in case only the radius or height range changes.

      • Validation on the void terrain. It was complaining about the void terrain using modifiers even if it was not.

      • Possible bugfix for the problem with filtered biomes sometimes giving a crash.

      • Serious problem with biome controller not being set to the dimension.

      • Problem with a crash when using material none with feature oregen

      • Client-side dependency on the server with the volcanic core block.

      • Crash bug with NEI and some mods that involve crafting.

  • Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-470 - 2.5-471
  • Updated Waila 1.5.9 - 1.5.10
    • Added
      • Support for Thermal Dynamics
    • Fixed
      • NBT Syncing
      • Extra Utilities Drums

      • Thermal Expansion

    No Config Changes