Infinity 1.7 1.6.0


Infinity 1.6.0


Mod NameVersion
Admin Command Toolbox0.0.2a
Advanced Solar Panels3.5.1
Applied Energistics 2rv2-stable-3
BiblioWoods BoP1.9
BiblioWoods Forestry1.7
BiblioWoods Natura1.5
Big Reactors0.4.3A
Binnie's Mods2.0-pre8
Biomes O Plenty2.1.0.1067
Blood Magic1.3.2-1
Buildcraft Compat6.4.2
Carpenter's Blocks3.3.6
CoFH Core3.0.2-262
Custom Main Menu1.5
Dense Ores1.6.2
Draconic Evolution1.0.1c
Extra Utilities1.2.5
Forbidden Magic0.562
Forge Multipart1.2.0.344
Funky Locomotionbeta-5c
Gravitation Suite2.0.3
Hat Stand4.0.0
IC2 Nuclear Control2.2.5a
Inventory Tweaks1.5-dev-152
Iron Chests6.0.62.742
JourneyMap Server1.0.2
Logistics Pipes0.8.3.122
Magic Bees2.3.1
MineFactory Reloaded2.8.0-104
MineTweaker 30.9C
NEI Addons1.12.8.29
NEI Integration1.0.9
Nether Ores2.3.0-12
Not Enough Items10.4.107
Not Enough Keys1.0.0b29
Not Enough Resources0.1.0.95
OpenPeripheral Core0.3.1
OpenPeripheral Integration 1.1.1
OpenPeripheral Addons 0.2.2
Pam's Harvestcraft1.7.10h
Portal Gun4.0.0-beta-4
Redstone Arsenal1.1.0-80
Resource Loader1.2
RF Tools2.80
Runic Dungeons1.1.4
Simply Jetpacks1.5.1
Solar Expansion1.6a
Steve's Addons0.10.12
Steve's Carts2.0.0.b18
Steve's Factory ManagerA93
Steve's Workshop0.5.1
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin1.7
Thaumic Energistics0.8.10.5
Thaumic Exploration1.1-36
Thaumic Tinkerer2.5-502
Thermal Dynamics1.0.0-122
Thermal Expansion4.0.1-182
Thermal Foundation1.0.0-81
Tinker's Construct1.8.5
Tinker's Construct Tooltips1.2.4
Tinker's Mechworks0.2.14.100
Twilight Forest2.3.7
Waila Harvestability1.1.2

Version Changes

Huge thanks to RebelKeithy for assisting with this changelog when i was unable to

  • Updated AOBD 2.5.0 - 2.6.2
    • Added

      • Adapt to forge changes to the fluid system (only TiC support uses fluids)

      • Added RotaryCraft support

      • Added Electrical Age support

      • Added Aura Cascade support

    • Changed

      • Smelting clusters in the Infernal Furnace now produces extra ingots (as they should)

    • Fixed

      • Fix Gany's Nether support

      • Fix localisation of Mekanism gases

      • Fix crash with Mekanism when looking about on creative tabs
  • Updated Applied Energistics rv2-beta-18 - rv2-stable-3
    • Changed

      • Further improved localization options

      • Adds an Inscriber API for Developers (might be incompatible with MineTweaker)

      • Improved localization options

      • Deobfuscated version for Developers contains no dupes anymore

      • Improves NEI grinder overlay localization

      • Improved exception output

      • Set release channel to stable

      • Default RF tooltip on AE blocks
    • Fixed

      • Energy acceptor can receive RotaryCraft V5c Power again

      • No disabled feature should log spam or crash anymore.

      • Does not crash anymore without RotaryCraft

      • Prevent matrix frames to break from explosions.

      • Fixes NEI recipe handler crash.

      • Fixed a NPE for using a feature too early

      • Charged Quartz Ore drops Charged Crystals again

      • Does not crash with invalid ItemStacks anymore

      • FMP Blocks don't disturb the ME Interface identifier

      • Does not transform Sky Stone Blocks into Sky Stone anymore

      • Fixes interaction bug between Sky Stone Chest and Inventory Tweaks upon sort via space + click

      • Vibration Chamber does produce “AE”, not “ae”

      • Stops fixtures and similar blocks modifying the state of click on block.

      • Fixes NPE on random button mashing.

      • Prevents duping with portable cells and slot switching crashes on laggy servers

      • Maintain Order of AE2 items and blocks

      • Crash upon using a Wireless Access Terminal

      • Crafting can use items in Storage Bus + Interface Combo

      • Fixed interface putting crafting items into itself

      • Storage Cells drop upgrades upon disassembling

      • Display stack size dependent on width

      • Does not crash on missing RF API

      • Added missing pack.mcmeta

      • Removed config option for MJ-P2P Tunnel

      • Items stay on NEI Recipe shift-clicking

      • Items need stacks bigger than 10000x before being converted

      • Prevents crash when configuring a GUI

      • Removes warning about RecipeSorter and fixes disassembling crafting recipes

      • Was not able to retrieve the name of an unregistered part

      • Removed MJ as icon

      • Fixes part interface inventory model

      • Crash happening on deactivating features for intermediate crafting components

      • Added missing check to detect missing cell workbenches

      • Vibration Chamber notifies neighbors on inventory and state change

      • Don't add the player inventory twice

      • Adds recipes for stairs

      • Plumb potential memory leak

      • Disassembling a Crafting Storage will yield the correct material

      • Parts display their name in WAILA

      • Hold backspace to clear search in terminals

      • No infinite power with RotaryCraft v6 anymore

  • Updated bdlib -
  • Updated Bibliocraft r1.10.3 - 1.10.4
    • Added

      • Added a check and disabled version checking if curse client is running.

    • Changed

      • Made some tweaks to creative mode bookcase item appearance so not as easy to confuse with normal bookcases

    • Fixed

      • Fixed an issue with duplicating items with Slotted Books

      • Fixed the framed shelf rendering with texture sheets when texture sheets are enabled.

      • Fixed an issue with painting frames where they sometimes wouldn’t reset data properly when changing paintings causing a crash.
  • Updated Botania r1.6-184 - r1.6-190
    • Added

      • Added M4/M5 (the buttons of the side of the mouse) support to the Lexica Botania.

      • Added the Corporea Crystal Cube, a new corporea block that allows for visualization and quick extraction of items from the network.

      • Added the Orechid Ignem, a nether version of the Orechid.

      • Rotating the items in the Item Frames around a Corporea Funnel now changes how many are pulled per request. (1, 16, 32 and 64 for each of the possible rotations)

      • Added an achievement for breaking the game.

      • Added Simple Ores and Netherrocks support for the Orechid. (Sinhika)

      • Added tall and petite flower alternate textures by Futureazoo.

      • Added the Stone of Temperance. A new "upgrade" item that will make the Terra Shatterer not break more than a 3x3 area.

      • Added Incense Sticks and an Incense Plate to burn them on. They provide AoE brew effects. It's as they say, Incense is Wincense.

      • Added the Terra Truncator (Terrasteel Axe), as you'd expect, it breaks whole trees.

      • Added a bit more info to the Flower Pouch page, it should've been there to begin with but I forgot >_>

      • Added the ability to light an Incense Plate with a Flash Lens. It also has a comparator output now.

    • Changed

      • Changed the wireframes produced by the Ring of Loki so that the center one is thicker and easier to distinguish.

      • Fake players can no longer spawn Gaia Guardians.

      • The Ring of Loki will now only place blocks when the player is sneaking and the bindings have been set to follow the cursor.

      • Tweaked the textures for the cloaks a bit.

      • The Terra Shatterer now only places torches when sneaking. Clicking normally toggles it on and off.

      • Tweaked the Spark bounding box a bit so it doesn't get in the way as much.

      • Beams from Excaliber no longer home on players.

      • Dropping the Ring of the Aesir reverts it into its base components.

      • Made the Dice of Fate be biased towards positive results.

      • Red Stringed Spoofers can't connect to botania special flowers any more.

      • The Crafty Crate now automatically ejects its contents if full and no matching recipe is found.

      • The Gaia Guardian now only removes ambient potion effects (the ones with transparent particles).

      • Excaliber's beams now only home on enemy mobs.

      • Right clicking a Petal Apothecary or Runic Altar with an empty hand after a recipe is completed places the components of that recipe from your inventory into the block again for another crafting. And there was much rejoicing, again.

      • Terrasteel tools now take more mana to maintain than Manasteel ones.

      • The Horn of the Canopy now has a better way to check for leaves. It might even pick up Thaumcraft leaves now, who knows. It also reaches a bit higher.

      • The Red Stringed Relay can now connect to double tall flowers.

      • Lowered goldfish.

      • Mana Bursts with the Flash lens can now create flashes in tall grass and other replaceable blocks.

      • Retextured the Terra Blade, Crafting Patterns and Placeholders.

    • Fixed

      • Fixed a crash when viewing item uses on NEI sometimes.

      • Fixed looking up blocks in the FTB wiki redirecting to the Gamepedia homepage.

      • Fixed Petite Flowers not being craftable.

      • Fixed shovels not being effective against Trodden Dirt.

      • Fixed the Eye of the Flugel not working when acquired and needing to be deselected and selected again.

      • Fixed the Force Relay's bindings not properly saving to the world's data if not pushed by a piston.

      • Fixed the Solegnolia consuming mana even if disabled with redstone.

      • Fixed a horrible horrible typo in the "Elven Lore - The Shattering" entry. Previously it would say that Muspelheim collided with Asgard. That's wrong, Muspelheim collided with Midgard. Muspelheim is the Nether, Midgard is the overworld, that's why players can travel between the two with a simple portal.

      • Fixed flowers sometimes binding to the wrong pool or spreader when their chunk is loaded.

      • Fixed the Exoflame's radius being off one block.

      • Fixed the Ring of the Aesir not displaying the center wireframe.

      • Fixed a crash when placing down a flower.

      • Fixed a crash when Corporea Interceptors or Funnels with an empty item frame are triggered.

      • Fixed Capricorn and Aquarius being backwards in the Eye of the Flugel. (Lazersmoke)

      • Fixed crafting mana Helmets of Revealing removing enchants and ancient wills. (Lazersmoke)

      • Fixed petal apothecary not checking properly for the item's name. KitchenCraft seeds now work with it. (tterag1098)

      • Fixed the Drum of the Gathering working on the client side and spawning fake cows when used on mooshrooms.

      • Fixed the Ring of Loki and Aesir rendering a wireframe below bedrock. (Lazersmoke)

      • Fixed the Ring of Loki and Ring of the Aesir displaying the source bounding box when in the inventory and not equipped.

      • Fixed the Talent Shredder achievement being achievable with rank S with a specific item. (Lazersmoke)

      • Typo fixes. (MrKunji)

      • Fixed an exploit involving the Ring of the Aesir and Ring of Odin that allowed the player to get infinite health. Due to its nature, damage already done can't be reversed without save editing tools.

      • Fixed botania armor sets supposedly protecting against unblockable damage. (mDiyo)

      • Fixed Excaliber's beams only homing on players.

      • Fixed more NEI crashes. I think, I can't reproduce them.

      • Fixed being able to re-do petal apothecary recipes if the apothecary doesn't have water.

      • Fixed Incense Stick missing texture log spam.

      • Fixed the Flower Pouch showing a single chest interface when depositing the items in a double chest.

      • Fixed the Incense Plate not syncing its inventory to the client when it receives an item from a hopper.
  • Updated Buildcraft 6.4.14 - 6.4.16
    • Fixed

      • Broken Programming Table logic

      • add-assembly-recipe IMC not working

      • Emerald fluid pipes not filtering NBT liquids properly

      • Crash with TileGenericPipe

      • Attempt RailCraft anchor robot fix

      • Shears dupe bug
  • Updated CustomMainMenu 1.4 - 1.5
  • Updated Decocraft 1.12b - 2.0.1
  • Updated Draconic Evolution 1.0.1 - 1.0.1c
    • Changed

      • AOE Mining tools now add xp from blocks directly to the player.

      • Tweaked some code in the config gui to try to fix an illusive cauldron related bug.

    • Fixed

      • Fixed heart dupe bug.

      • Fixed a problem in the config gui that came from a change in bugfix a

      • Fixed possible crash when Draconic Evolution arrow hits an RFTools shield block
  • Updated EnderIO -
    • Added

      • Fluid conduits will light up with luminescent fluids inside them

      • Farming station will now support WATER type crops (e.g. witchery Water Artichoke)

    • Changed

      • AE2 and Mekanism compats now have a min version set, so FML should prevent loading if you are using too old of a version

      • Yeta Wrench and Conduit Probe overlays will now be in the bottom right corner, to avoid obscuring chat

      • Ingot blocks are now blacklisted from Grinding Ball bonuses

      • Yeta wrench will once again work with IDismantleable blocks (TE, AE2, MFR, etc)

    • Fixed

      • Fix fluid dupes with tanks

      • Fix dupes with crafter

      • Fix issues with Dark Steel Pressure Plate drops

      • Lots of logging typo fixes

      • Fix wither skeleton spawner freezing game when replaceWitherSkeletons=true

      • Fix not being able to place a stack of >1 filled soul vials

      • Fix odd behavior with capturing entities with soul vials

      • Fix inconsistencies with farming station power use

      • ingotAluminuim -> ingotAluminium in OreDictionaryPreferences.xml

      • Fix Conduit Probe overlay rendering

      • Fix dark steel boots using power when a player falls but does not take damage

      • Fix reservoir caching IIcon UVs (caused errors when restitching textures)

      • Fix gas conduits ignoring extract/insert mode of IGasHandlers

      • Fix painted glowstone being able to be painted with non-opaque blocks

      • Fix some custom recipes not being registered to the RecipeSorter

      • Fix choppy animation on obelisks in SMP

      • Fix issues with disabled gas conduits and EE3
  • Updated EnderTech -
    • Updated
      • Some misleading logging
      • Nerfed assimilation logging
  • Updated ExtraTiC 1.4.1 - 1.4.5
    • Added

      • Adds Creative tabs.

      • Adds Nevermine 2: Advent of Ascension support.

    • Changed

      • Disables Gany's end support by default.

      • Moves Mithril to Generic Metals.

    • Fixed

      • Fixes overwriting fluid textures.

      • Fixes bolts recipes.

      • Fixes Botania custom textures.

      • Fixes the attack amount of skeletal (Nevermine 2 : AoA).

      • Fixes the mining level of Manasteel (Botania).

      • Fixes the durabilities of  draconic evolution metals.
  • Updated Extra Utilities 1.2.4b - 1.2.5
    • Added

      • "Soul of a forgotten deity" now drops super-duper-extremely rarely from mobs.

      • Added 'Glove'. This works the same as an 'Empty hand' when you left/right click on a block. Any items placed into your hand as a result of clicking will be added to the inventory or dropped on the ground if the inventory is full. Use different colors of wool to make different colors of glove.

      • Unstable ingots made with the Pseudo-inversion Sigil are now called 'Mobius ingots' (with their own separate id/meta for other mods to hook into), and will create upgraded versions of some of the unstable ingot tools.

      • Added minor documentation that describes how to start getting the 'Pseudo-inversion sigil'

    • Changed

      • Switched Trading post to use better code when the player chooses an villager to interact with (so now Mystcraft villagers custom trading guis - show up)

      • Reduced Food generator auto-scaling-nerf for non-vanilla foods

      • Added config options for disabling transfer nodes infinite water/cobble gen.

      • 'Sprint'-right-click with the Builder's wand to place blocks vertically only. (The 'Sprint' key is Ctrl by default)

      • The Secret Kikoku ritual may have a 50% chance of working properly

    • Fixed

      • Fixed Thaumcraft-Compatibility crash when spikes are disabled.

      • Fix Kikoku not properly calculating damage.
  • Updated Forestry -
    • Changed

      • Make Clockwork engine recipe use Ore Dictionary for Agrarian Skies 2

    • Fixed

      • Fix a liquid dupe bug in the Bottler on servers.

      • Fix a crash from pollination with mushroom bees
  • Updated Forge Multipart -
  • Updated Funky Locomotion beta-5a - beta-5c
    • Fixed

      • Fix major memory leak

      • Fix NPE crash
  • Updated Gendustry -
    • Added

      • Added derpious bees (Patreon reward for Evans B.)

      • Added French localization

    • Changed

      • Updated Russian localization

      • Bee production/specialty chances can now be fractional (in preparation for Forestry 3.6.0)

    • Fixed

      • Fixed error in WAILA tooltip
  • Updated Headcrumbs 1.3.1 - 1.5.2
    • Added

      • Added Primitive Mobs support

      • Added Grimoire of Gaia support

      • Added the Technic staff names!

      • Added the Hermitcraft members names!

      • Prefixes can be added to Celebrities name tags (see config file)

      • Added a config option to block Celebrities from opening doors

      • Added IMC method so that other mods can add people's names to headcrumbs (can disabled in the config file)

      • Added a bunch of new names and moved some about to different categories

      • Added support for Elemental Creepers (it was quick and easy!)

      • Added more names

      • Baby humans are now a thing (they are faster than the usual ones and have a 10% chance of spawning. Chance can be changed in the config file)

    • Changed

      • Heads won't look like a steve head for a frame or two anymore (unless your internet is slow)

      • deadmau5's head now render with ears

      • Celebrities are now called Humans (Celebrity was a stupid name)

    • Fixed

      • Fix Celebrities spawning in mushroom biomes

      • Fix crash when running Headcrumbs with Lycanites

      • Fix missing textures when running with Grimoire of Gaia (If you're in an old version of GoG you'll need to update)

      • No more entity id conflicts!
  • Updated IC2 Nuclear Control 2.2.1a - 2.2.5a
    • Added

      • Applied Energistics 2 support. ME Network Monitor, Applied Energistics Card, and the Applied Energistics Monitor Kit.

      • Extended OpenComputers support: added Thermal Monitor, Average Counter and Howler Alarm Drivers.

      • Added primitive IC2 Classic support. Currently doesn't do anything though.

    • Fixed

      • Issues with the Average/Energy Counter related to RF support should be fixed.

      • Fixed Info Panels glitching with chunks, and maybe it's random-texture morphing bug.

      • Fixed liquid-related issues that happen with a newer version of Forge.
  • Updated IndustrialCraft 2 2.2.718 - 2.2.726
    • Added

      • Added tooltip to Frequency Transmitter.

      • Added a chat message when toggling the mode of a Charging Battery.

      • Added some basic upgrade support for the Magnetizer.

    • Changed

      • Optimize machine rendering.

      • Optimized state changing for Turning Blanks a bit.

      • Improved Magnetizer and gave it a GUI.

      • Updated Magnetizer Texture.

    • Fixed

      • Fixed Replicator title being above tooltips

      • Fixed Forge Hammers going to negative durability when autocrafted using AE2

      • Fixed ProjectE repair talisman causing invalid armour damage

      • Fixed wrong textures for Item and Fluid Ejector Upgrades.

      • Fixed Iron Fences graphically not connecting to each other.

      • Fixed tooltips being behind GUI text.
  • Updated INpureCore 1.0.0B9-60 - 1.0.0B9-62
    • Changed
      • Removed the can't keep up filter since it seems to cause console output issues on servers.
  • Updated Logistics Pipes -
    • Changed
      • Update checkstyle configuration file

    • Fixed
      • ComputerCraft method getPipeForUUID seems to always return null

  • Updated Magic Bees 2.3.0 - 2.3.1
    • Added

      • Adds the Hibeescus, for all you Ignoble bee-haters out there with more mana than they know what to do with

    • Fixed

      • Fixes some problems with bee mana infusions in 2.3.0
  • Updated Mr TJP Core -
  • Updated Mystcraft
    • Added

      • Adds meteor block message

      • LookingGlass integration!

    • Changed

      • Symbols (Block Modifiers) registered via IMC now associate properly with registering mod

      • Fluid and Biome symbols generated by Mystcraft are attributed to Mystcraft

      • Optimizes Start-Up error checking

      • Folders with contents are now visually distinct

      • Better handles item drops on falling blocks

      • Can add pages to folders via tab interaction (max 1 at a time; right-click works; portfolios can still take a full stack at once)

    • Fixed

      • Gives the BlockGas grammar token a default (empty) expansion

      • Fixes casing issues in IMC handling (API was un-requestable, "API" is now case-insensitive)

      • Fixes the missing version and mcversion tags

      • Sets default values for maximum treasure stack sizes based on page ranks

      • Unrecognized IMC messages won't throw errors (just log messages)

      • Fixes right-clicking on a tab eating the item

      • Fixes LookingGlass Integration server-side

      • Correctly informs other mods of chunks unloading
  • Updated NEI Addons -
    • Added

      • Added NEI subsets localization

    • Changed

      • Removed Ex Nihilo hammer/sieve recipes as they are now handled by EX Nihilo itself.

      • Added mutation dump to NEI tools
  • Updated Not Enough Items -
  • Updated OpenBlocks 1.4.2 - 1.4.3
    • Added

      • Proper API

      • Add vanilla color selector to paint mixer

    • Changed

      • Paintbrush can now dye vanilla blocks

      • Paintbrush can now be dyed in crafting inventory

      • Paintbrushes from few other mods should now work with canvas blocks

    • Fixed

      • Disable ticking of few TileEntities (should decrease lag when using canvas, imaginary, sky blocks, etc.)

      • Change block breaker timing to prevent item duplicating
  • Updated OpenModsLib 0.7.2 -0.7.3
    • Added

      • class transformer null sanity checker

      • API provider utils

      • palette picker component

    • Fixed

      • Store items with string names (instead of IDs) in internal inventories
  • Updated Project Red -
    • Added

      • Gem Armor

      • Block Placer

      • Filtered Importers

      • Ability to add colour filters to pressure tubes with wool strips

    • Changed

      • World gen rates tweaked slightly

      • Tube and machine recipes tweaked slightly

      • Item Importers can suck up items that collide on front

      • Item Importers can suck up items in 3x3 grid on redstone pulse

      • Bonemeal now works on lilies

    • Fixed

      • Coloured Lights compatibility

      • Recipes with microblocks

      • Chip upgrades not installing

      • Deviating lily farming overall loss

      • Lamps letting sky light through

      • Volcanos with large missing chunks

      • Volcanos' lava not flowing

      • Block Breaker dropping wrong metadata for some blocks

      • Block Breaker not playing sound effects

      • Block Breaker break particles

      • Deviating Lilies rendering dark in world
  • Updated RF Tools 2.80 - 2.91
    • New storage system:

      • There is a new Modular Storage block. In that block you can insert a storage module which will contain the actual items. You can also insert a type module which controls how you can sort your items:

        • You can search for items in the storage system:

        • A storage block is a normal inventory. You can insert and extract items as usual.

        • There are three tiers of storage modules: 100, 200, and 300 stacks.

        • There is a generic item module which supports sorting on type of item (needs configuring) and sorting on mod. There is an oredict item module which supports ore dictionary sorting and there is a dimlet type module for working with dimlets. These modules don't restrict the type of items that can be put in the storage. They just allow different filters and sorting.

      • There is also a remote storage module and a Remote Storage block:

        • If you place a normal storage module in one of the four storage slots of the remote storage block it will be made available wirelessly. This needs power. You can link a remote storage module to a real storage module by inserting it in the slot next to the storage module. It will change color when you do that:

        • In a normal Modular Storage block you can also insert remote storage modules. Now your storage block will access the remote inventory instead of a local one.

        • By default a remote storage is only available in the same dimension. You can make it globally available by pressing the 'G' button in the remote storage gui (at the cost of more RF/tick).

        • A remote storage module can also be used as a hand-held device. You don't have to insert it in a modular storage block to use it. This way you can have your storage available remotely.

        • Remote storage also supports the 'cycle' functionality where you relink the remote storage module to the next storage module that sits in the same remote storage block. That means that you can have up to four storage modules available remotely from the same remote storage item (that means 4 times 300 stacks available remotely).

      • Note: the generic item module supports categories for items (like 'Food', 'Machines', ...) but the configuration for this is not finalized. You will find that many items are not put in the right category yet. This is an ongoing work which you can help with because you can customize this in the rftools config easily.

      • Note: more modules for other mods are planned. For example for Thaumcraft and Forestry (bees and saplings).

    • Crafter changes:

      • Rewrote the crafter algorithm to make it more robust with regards to container items and matching with NBT and such.

      • Fixed item duping bug in crafting with containers that are supposed to be consumed (like the division sigil when being crafted into ingots).

      • Fixed an item duplication bug in the crafter when crafting one item into multiple and the created stack didn't fit in a single output slot. For example when crafting iron ingot to 9 iron nuggets.

      • The crafter will now update the crafting result on every craft. That means that recipes that return random stuff (like the random amount of iron ingots you get from a division sigil) will result in proper results.

    • Varia:

      • Fixed the dimlet workbench achievement so that it only appears if you actually pull out a dimlet from the workbench and not by just clicking on the empty slot

      • Renamed 'material none' to 'material default' and 'liquid none' to 'liquid default'

      • Fixed a crash and unusable dimension if you used 'Material None' in combination with orbs, huge orbs, liquid orbs, or huge liquid orbs.

      • Bugfix: avoid a crash in case blocks exploded or were harvested

      • Teleporting from the end works now. This kind of teleportation is handled slightly differently in Minecraft which caused troubles for RFTools teleportation code. Worked around this so that you can now safely teleport out of the end using any of the RFTools teleportation mechanisms.

      • Added configuration options to control the rarity of unknown dimlet generation in chests.

      • Added a new configuration option to control the chance with which enderman drop unknown dimlets.

      • Implemented a 'Flight' effect dimlet.

      • Fixed flight (in both the environmental controller as well as a dimension) so the effect remains working if you switch dimensions.

      • Increased the buff time for dimension effects as well as the environmental controller to avoid the problem of night vision flashing when the effect is about to be restarted.

      • The matter transmitter now shows the destination in the tooltip (both inventory as well as WAILA tooltips).

      • Fixed the teleportation sound which was no longer playing. Whoosh!

      • Made sure that Redstone in Motion/Remain in Motion cannot move shield blocks.

      • Fixed a timing related bug when dragging around screen modules on top of other screen modules. This could crash the client.

      • It is now possible to use the modular storage item as a hand-held too (not only the remote storage item)

      • Fixed remote storage item so it no longer discards items if there is no connection (for whatever reason) to the actual storage item.
  • Updated Runic Dungeons 1.1.3 - 1.1.4
    • Added
      • Thaumcraft loot crates and loot urns to dungeon
      • Rotting slabs
      • Customizable chest loot and mob spawns
    • Changed
      • Moved config to RunicDungeons/RunicDungeons.cfg
      • Amulets and Dye Belts are now disabled by default
      • Removed Advanced Ring O' Experience
    • Fixed
      • Nether Star duplication glitch
  • Updated Simply Jetpacks 1.4.1 - 1.5.1
    • Added

      • Support for BuildCraft 6! SJ now provides two kinds of BuildCraft-based jetpacks, based on which BC modules are installed. One is powered by Fuel, and one is powered by RF. Will hopefully also work with BuildCraft 7, though this is largely untested.

      • Jetpack Fueller item for filling fluid-based jetpacks with fluids from Tanks or similar.

      • GUI for worn jetpacks and flux packs, opened by pressing a key (U by default). It shows their current fuel levels, and lets you turn various features on and off.

      • Fuel Efficiency enchantment. This somewhat rare enchantment decreases the amount of fuel used by jetpacks and flux packs when flying or being damaged.

      • Enderium Flux Overlay to make a Flux-Infused JetPlate look like an Enderium Flux armor piece. Available when Redstone Armory is installed.

      • Config option to make jetpacks explode and kill their user when flying through flammable fluids. Blame Vexatos for this idea. Disabled by default.

      • Re-added the option to disable 3D armor models. This is for people that experience issues with the armor models and mods like Smart Moving.

    • Changed

      • Recipes for TE-based thrusters to be less annoying and to... make more sense, I guess.

      • Only one kind of mod integration is now enabled by default: always TE if it is present, or always EIO if TE is not present, or lastly BC if neither of the previous are present.

      • Split 'secondary' (sneak-activated) keybinds into keybinds of their own. Not bound by default in favour of the new GUI.

      • Using a jetpack underwater is now a bit slower, and makes it produce bubbles.

      • It is now possible to enable sprinting in the air while wearing a jetpack by double-tapping the forward key. This can be disabled in the client config if it gets annoying.

    • Fixed

      • Not being able to turn off only part of the HUD

      • Crash when trying to craft jetpacks if Redstone Armory is not installed
  • Updated Solar Expansion 1.5a - 1.6a
    • Changed

      • General rework of the mod... not many things that you will notice ingame.

      • General tooltip improvements and added a tooltip for the solar panel for how much energy is currently stored in it if you pick it up with a wrench.

      • Some general improvements, don't remember everything, sorry. :(

    • Fixed

      • Fixed a bug that would make Solar Helmets generate a lot more RF that supposed to.
  • Updated Steves Addons 0.10.7 - 0.10.12
    • Changed

      • Disabled Group-deletion, requires a larger rework of SFM code than I have time to do

    • Fixed

      • Crash with crafting out of AE system

      • Server side crash with Pastebin commands

      • Crash with pushing items into Energistics Connector
  • Updated Tinkers Construct 1.8.4a - 1.8.5
    • Changed

      • Adjust/fix Pig-Iron alloy ratios

      • Oreberries cannot be obtained from nugget casts or make nugget casts anymore

      • Materials added through IMC can now have custom textures

    • Fixed

      • Fix redstone faucet behaviour!

      • Fix aluminium brass localization

      • Crash fixes
  • Updated Thaumic Energistics -
    • Added

      • Search Mode, Tall Centered, and swappable armor slots to the Arcane Crafting Terminal.

      • Essentia Storage & Conversion Monitors.

      • Added scanning aspects for:

        • Encoded Pattern

        • Singularities

        • EU & RF P2P Tunnels

    • Changed

      • Wireless Essentia Terminal can be charged from other power systems.

      • Vis Relay Interfaces support full P2P. You can export vis!

      • Export Bus now has void mode.

      • Players need Import & Export permissions to open Arcane Assembler GUI.

      • Terminals can be rotated with a wrench.

      • Essentia Storage Bus supports ME Interface part for subnetworks.

      • Essentia Conversion Monitor: When shift-double-rightclicking the monitor only takes essentia matching the input aspect, instead of any essentia in the player’s inventory.

      • Essentia storage bus can now be attached to a ME Condenser, does not require void mode to be enabled.

      • Placeholder parents of disabled research are no longer added.

      • Essentia provider recipe change: Replaced one of the coalescence cores with a diffusion core.

      • Many API changes.

      • If Thaumcraft NEI Plugin is installed, shift-clicking in the ACT for arcane recipes is now supported.

    • Fixed

      • Simplified version numbering, should fix version checker issues.

      • ACT search bar retains its contents when viewing NEI recipes.

      • The essentia sub-network sync bug ~might be~ fixed.

      • Vis export from the VRI now supports crystal attunement.

      • Essentia Storage Bus updates AE network if container contents are externally changed.

      • Fixed Essentia Terminal sync issue if a cell is removed/added while viewing terminal.

      • Fixed Essentia Conversion Monitor crash & eating stacks.

      • Priority GUI tab icon size corrected.

      • Disabling any AE or TC config option should no longer cause a crash.

      • ACT: Crafting result is now updated on both client and server as wand is charged in the terminal.

      • Wrench focus should prove much more usable.

      • Fixed compatibility issue with GregTech.
  • Updated Thaumic TInkerer 2.5-491 - 2.5-502
    • Fixed
      • Incompatibility with Hardcore Ender Expansion
  • Updated Twilight Forest 2.3.5 - 2.3.7
    • Added

      • Final castle architectural preview

        • Many new blocks

        • Much structure

        • Still a work in progress

        • Monsters and mechanics to come

      • Add config option to specify portal item

      • Add in troll caves/giants to old map generation

    • Changed

      • Beanstalks now grow through more natural blocks, such as trees

      • Add a few more safeguards preventing taking items from the uncrafting table when uncrafting is disabled on the server, or the player does not have enough XP

      • Ice crystals do not automatically despawn in 30 seconds if not summoned by the snow queen

      • Giant water lily flowers now insta-break instead of being as hard as cobblestone

      • Giant lily pads make grass noise when broken

    • Fixed

      • Fix huge lily pad item to be consume an item on placement

      • Fix capitalization mismatch causing knightmetal ring texture to not load correctly

      • Fix crash when the cube of annihilation or chain block returns to a player with empty hands

      • Small twilight oak trees and rainbow trees now properly grow with twilight oak logs

      • Fix a bad sign causing disconnections