Magic Farm 2 1.0.5


Magic Farm 2 1.0.5


Version Changes

  • Added Thaumcraft Mob Aspects 1e-b2
  • Updated CoFH Core 2.0.0.b9e - 2.0.0.b10
  • Updated Magic Bees 2.1.7 - 2.1.9
    • Adding configuration option to not spawn special hives in Magic Biomes for people who hate fun, and specialness.

    • Adding a shadow to the Tempus aspect for Vazkii.

    • Fixes issues with fluid containers.

    • Added missing centrifuge recipe for the Transmuting combs. This is the source of Unstable Propolis.

    • Fixing inconcistent recipes between Thaumonomicon & actual crafting

  • Updated MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.4B1-215 - 2.7.4B1-226
  • Updated NEI Plugins -
  • Updated Redstone Arsenal 1.0.0.b0e - 1.0.0.b1
  • Updated Thermal Expansion 3.0.0.b9e - 3.0.0.b10
  • Updated WAILA 1.4.2 - 1.4.3
    • Bugfix
      • The modules are now registered in a very late Forge init step, making sure that all other mods are properly registered before reflecting.
      • IC2 discovery will not throw a stacktrace anymore. This was intended for debugging only.

    Config Changes
  • OpenBlocks
    • Disabled Graves
  • Tinker's Construct
    • Enabled dropping player heads no death