Magic Farm 2 1.1.1


Magic Farm 1.1.1


Version Changes

  • Added Gravestone Mod
  • Updated to Forge build 965
  • Updated Deadly World from 0.2 - 1.0.1
    • Added
      • Attribute System for bosses
      • Brutal spawners, swarm spawners, fire traps, spawner traps, water veins, and sand veins
    • Changed
      • Bosses are more customisable
      • Bosses may spawn with the "Health Boost" or "Absorption" Effect
      • Silverfish nests now have a change to be "aggressive" (spawns strong, poisoned silverfish)
      • Spawner veins are now disabled by default, spawner traps have officially replaced them
      • All spawners have had their default max spawn delays lowered
      • Bosses now have health regeneration (configurable) and can no longer spawn with invisibility
      • Towers are now much more damaging (and configurable). Their detection range has also been shortened slightly
      • Traps now try to hide a little bit better, usually covered by carpet or pressure plate
      • TNT spawners are now better about blowing themselves up, and slightly less destructive
      • Potion traps are now more potent (and configurable)
      • Dungeons may now generate with brutal or swarm spawners
      • Tweaked almost all defaults
      • Added a couple block name override options to better hide silverfish blocks and trapped chests from players using block tooltips
  • Added an optional hardcore config pack

    Config Changes
  • Thermal Expansion
    • Doubled output of Pyrotheum in a Magmatic Dynamo
  • MineFactory Reloaded
    • Increased Steam Turbine output from 8MJ to 16MJ