FTB Lite 2 1.1.3


FTB Lite 1.1.3


Mod NameVersion


CoFH Core2.0.0.2
Extra Utilities1.0.3pre1
Fancy Fences4.0.0
Finndus Fillies1.0.0.7
Forge Multipart1.0.0.227
Inventory Tweaks1.56-b77
MineFactory Reloaded2.7.5-352
NEI Addons1.9.3.r47
NEI Plugins1.1.0.6
Not Enough Items1.6.1.8
OpenMods Lib0.1-s112
Redstone Arsenal1.0.0.0
Sort Fix1.0
Thermal Expansion3.0.0.2
Zan's Minimap1.6.4

Version Changes

  • Added OpenModsLib 0.1-s112
  • Updated Agriculture 1.2.2 - 1.2.10
    • Added
      • Bonemeal compatibility with crops
      • Forestry Crop Support
      • MFR Integration
      • Thaumcraft Golem Support
    • Changed
      • Switched crop harvesting from left click to right click
  • Updated Extra Utilities 1.0.2 - 1.0.3.pre1
    • Added
      • Generators
  • Updated JABBA 1.0.3 - 1.1.0a
    • Added
      • New Upgrade System
        • Tiers are now called structural upgrades. They don't require the previous tier to craft but still require to be applied in order.
        • Structural upgrades open slots for core upgrades.
        • Core upgrades are applied to add fonctionnalities to the barrels.
        • Storage upgrade will add 64 stacks of storage and takes one slot
        • Redstone upgrade let the barrel emit redstone on the faces with a Redstone facade
        • Hopper upgrade let the barrel auto output on the sides with hopper facades
        • BSpace upgrade let the player sync multiple barrels
        • Side upgrades are used to specify which side is active for a given core (Redstone, hopper). They do not take slots
        • Stickers are now side upgrades.
        • It is possible to remove upgrades using the hammer. The hammer can be configured to remove a given core upgrade by shift+clicking when not looking at a barrel.
        • Upgrades applied to a barrel can be seen when holding an upgrade, the tuning fork or the hammer in your hand.
      • Diamond Dolly, it allows the player to move spawners and has 6 uses
      • Localisation
      • Config option to modify structual upgrades to different materials
    • Changed
      • Unless that have a hopper core upgrade, barrels do not tick anymore
      • All recipes now use the OreDict whenever possible
      • Stickers can now be applied on top an bottom. The display will be aligned with the front of the barrel
      • Rendering of barrels so it is less laggy
      • Font texture on different types of barrel texture
      • Glint has been removed for magical items
      • Dollies will now show in their tooltip what they are transporting
    • Fixed
      • Stacks not dropping properly when hit from a low angle
      • Bug with multiblock chests from betterstorage
  • Updated MineFactory Reloaded 2.7.4-255 - 2.7.5-352
    • Added
      • Repair-only mode for AutoAnvil
      • AutoSpawner config blacklist
      • Plastic bag
      • Sacred Rubber Sapling
      • Ejector can move fluids too
      • Support for TC4 manapods
      • ProjectRed dye tree support
    • Changed
      • Recipes for NeedleGun, SPAMR, ammo
      • TE Recipe for PortaSpawner
      • Passenger rails can pick up & drop off mobs when powered by redstone
      • PortaSpawner reacts to minecarts
      • Planter&Fertilizer will only accept usable items from pipes
      • Harvester only harvests connected blocks for trees
      • Potion effects for drinking MFR liquids
      • MagicalCrops support moved to MagicalCrops' side
    • Fixed
      • AutoAnvil eating output items
      • Water flowing over conveyors
      • Needles render again
      • HarvestCraft support, thanks to delta534
      • Error spam with empty IC2 crop sticks
      • Laser drill lag issue when beam cannot form
      • Ruler sometimes resetting before measurement can be completed
      • Passenger rails
  • Updated OpenBlocks 1.2.2 - 1.2.4-s151

    Config Changes
  • MFR
    • Increased Search Limit when searching for parts of a tree
  • OpenBlocks
    • Increased range of sprinkler from 6 to 8