Magic Farm 2 2.1.2


Magic Farm 2.1.2


Version Changes

  • Updated Mariculture 1.2.0d - 1.2.0g
    • Changed
      • Rotors now last 10 x as long in a water turbine and 2 x as long in a gas turbine
      • Reduced chance of nickel when melting magnesium dust
      • Jewelry no longer breaks but it will not function when fully damaged. XP cost for repair is much higher
      • Diamond and Iron Jewelry recipes are disabled by default in order to force the cultivating of pearls
    • Fixed
      • Retro-Gen
      • Mutation with Hunger Overhaul installed
      • Unlocalized Names with CompatBooks
      • Magic Mirror crashing when upgrading from older versions
      • Tooltip crash with the NEILiquifierRecipeHandler
      • Golden Silk being cheaper than intended

    Config Changes
  • Chicken Chunks
    • Changed Cleanup time to unload orphaned chunks to 0 ticks (was 1200 ticks)
    • Changed the materials for the last 3 upgrades. 5th, 6th and 7th upgrades are Electrum Ingot, Manyullyn Ingot and Enderium Ingot (was Obsidian, End Stone and Emerald)