Monster 1.0.10


Monster 1.0.10


Mod NameVersion
Advanced Buildcraft Objects1.0.7.558
Advanced Genetics1.4
Alternate Terrain Generation0.9.4
Applied Energistics14.finale3
BiblioWoods - BoP1.3
BiblioWoods - Forestry1.3
BiblioWoods - Highlands1.1
BiblioWoods - Natura1.1
Big Reactors0.2.15A
Binnie's Mods1.8.0
Biomes O Plenty1.2.1.416
Blood Magic0.7.2a
Calclavia Core1.1.1.68
Chicken Chunks1.3.3.3
Compact Solars4.4.19.278
Compact Windmills1.0.3.0
Craft Heraldry1.0.3
denPipes - Emerald1.1.6
denPipes - Forestry1.1.8
Dynamic Tanks 20.0.7
Emasher's Resource1.2.3.0
Engineer's Toolbox1.1.7.3
Enhanced Portals 33.0.0.b4c
Expanded Redstone15
Extra Utilities1.0.3pre1
Forge Multipart1.0.0.240
Gate Copy3.1.4
Hopper Ducts1.2.2
Industrial Craft 2 Exp2.0.389
Inventory Tweaks1.5.6-b77
Iron Chests5.4.1.697
Lycanites Mobs1.4.4
Magic Bees2.1.11
Magical Crops3.2.0beta6
Modular Powersuits0.9.0-84
NEI Addons1.10.0.55
NEI Plugins1.1.0.6
Nether Ores2.2.2B1-16
Not Enough Items1.6.1.8
Not Enough Keys0.0.4
Nuclear Control1.6.2e
OpenMods Lib0.1-s112
OpenPeripheral Addons0.1.0-s41
OpenPeripheral Core0.3.0-s39
Portal Gun2.0.2
Power Converters2.4.0.pre3
Powersuits Addons1.6.4-884
Project Red4.2.1.19
Random Things1.8.9
Redstone Arsenal1.0.0.0
Rei's Minimap3.4.01
Roguelike Dungeon Mod1.2.9
Sort Fix1.0
Special Mobs2.6
Steve's Carts2.0.0.b10
Thaumcraft 44.0.5b
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects1e-b2
Thaumic Tinkerer2.1-67
Thaumic Tinkerer KAMIj6
Thermal Expansion3.0.0.2
Tinker's Construct1.5.2.6
Tinker's Mechworks0.1.3
Torch Levers1.3.2
Twilight Forest1.20.3
Universal Electricity Core3.0.1.27
Zan's Minimap1.6.4

Version Changes

  • Added AOBD 1.1.1 (Another One Bites the Dust)
  • Added Aroma1997Core
  • Removed BetterStorage
  • Removed XACT
  • Enabled Biomes O Plenty by default
  • Enabled Highlands by default
  • Updated Advanced Genetics 1.2.1 - 1.4
    • Added
      • Insulated Cell
      • Insulated Helix
      • DNA Cloner
      • Antidote Syringe
      • Zombie-Gene
      • Advanced DNA Dictionary
      • Genetic Bow
      • Option to decide whether bosses can be cloned in the DNA cloner
      • AutoScraper can have auto-output upgrade
    • Changed
      • Config Files are more clear
      • Shears take less damage
      • Damage behaviour of Heal Crystal
      • Infinity Ability requires Genetic Bow
      • Particles when destroying DNA Cloner
      • DNA Insulator Texture
    • Fixed
      • Game crashed sometimes when extracting blood
      • Microscope crash
      • Death Ender Chest crash
      • DNA Breeder Crash
      • Stew-Ability
      • Multiplayer ID-Mismatched Issue
      • DNA transmutator and Auto Scraper GUI Issues
  • Updated Agriculture 1.2.10 - 1.2.13
    • Fixed
      • Infinite loop on filling liquids
      • Force a block update when filled with liquids
  • Updated ATG 0.9.3 - 0.9.4
    • Added
      • Sea Level config option
      • Biome blob config option
      • More helpful Comments to the config options
    • Changed
      • Rewokred the way the generator creates chunks in an attempt to lower memory load
    • Fixed
      • Height Offset and Multiplie Config Values
  • Updated BiblioCraft 1.5.4 - 1.5.5
    • Added
      • A few localisations
    • Changed
      • Tweaked block rotations on Tables
    • Fixed
      • Book lists in typesetting tables
      • Crash with twilight forest maps
  • Updated Compact Solars -
  • Updated Compact Windmills -
    • Added
      • Version Checker
    • Changed
      • Moved to a better GUI
      • Nerfed carbon rotor
    • Fixed
      • Bug with durability of rotors being calculated wrong
      • Formatting in German Translation
  • Updated denLib 3.2.3 - 3.2.6
  • Updated Dynamic Tanks 0.0.6 - 0.0.7
    • Added
      • Added fluid tooltips in the GUI
      • Place a chest next to the controller and place fluid containers in the chest, the controller will fill the items and drain in proportion the amount the container can hold
    • Changed
      • Removed Mystic Forest
      • Removed all crafting items except hammer, iron plates and modules
      • Removed Fluid Potions
      • Removed Generator and Omni-Power Fluid
      • Changed Recipes for a few items
  • Updated Emasher Resource -
  • Updated EnderIO -
    • Changed
      • Massive client side performance improvement for large capacitor banks
      • Red stone conduit update times grow with network size
      • Significant Performance Improvements to all machines
      • Improved Connected textures for fused quartz
    • Fixed
      • Crash when breaking TE redstone conduit connected to Ender IO conduit
      • Conduit Bundles low performance
      • Resolved block update related issues with EIO conduits and TE conduits/blocks.
      • Fixed capacitor bank lighting
  • Updated Engineer's Toolbox -
    • Fixed
      • Redstone interactivity for sockets
      • Fluidic nether portals generating in the wrong place on the nether side
  • Updated Enhanced Portals 3.0.0.b3b - 3.0.0.b4c
    • Added
      • Added Nether Portal override.
      • Added config options to disable Nether Portal sounds & particles.
      • Added config option to stop Zombie Pigmen from spawning at Nether Portals in the Overworld.
      • Added recipes for Thermal Expansion & configuration option to turn it off.
      • Readded configuration option to disable vanilla recipes.
      • [Library] NEI now avoids tabs!
      • Added some basic portal effects for instability. The more transparent a portal is, the more unstable it is.
    • Changed
      • Removed all GUI elements relating to power if the user has power turned off.
      • You can now make the DBS 3x3x* in addition to 3x2x*. If you make it 3×3 you will get an extra 50% power storage per row (22,500 RF per row instead of 15,000 RF).
      • Nether Portal override config now defaults to true.
      • Normalized rendered brightness for portals. Portals on in different angles will all have the same brightness.
      • Stability improvements to DBS forming.
      • [Library] Moved mouse update functions into draw. Shouldn’t technically be there, but it makes tooltips and mouse movements a lot smoother.
      • Tweaked portal creation mechanics.
      • When right-clicking on a formed DBS with a DBS block in your hand, you will place it instead of opening the GUI.
      • Location Cards will not get consumed while the player is in Creative.
      • Tweaked GUI elements.
        • RGB slider’s sliding part now stays confined to its background.
        • Colour tabs have been changed similar to how TE tabs work. Can be closed by clicking anywhere that does not have a black overlay on it.
    • Fixed
      • Fixed issue where if you had a block above a horizontal portal, one of the portal blocks would move down every time you teleported to it.
      • Fixed ‘Use Alternate Glyphs’ config option.
      • Fixed Portal Controllers using Connected Textures when they shouldn’t be (not formed).
      • Fixed DBS texture not always updating to the connected variant.
      • Correctly disabled canUpdate on Tile Entities that don’t require updating.
      • Shift-clicking should now correctly work in GUIs.
      • Fixed issue where portals would get stuck being active if you destroyed a block while it was active.
      • Fixed Portal Controller not taking a custom frame texture caused by previous connected texture fix.
      • Fixed Portal Controller staying the custom frame colour while the portal structure wasn’t formed.
      • Slight performance increase everywhere.
      • Fixed unusually high CPU/Memory usage while standing inside a portal block.
      • [Library] Heavily improved the GUI part of my library.
        • Fixed crash issue with Dartcraft bags on GUI screens that does not display the player’s inventory.
      • Crash upon viewing a particle that was invalid.
      • Crash when right-clicking to reset the particle in the Texture GUI.
      • Will now correctly select the first element in the particle Texture GUI when right clicking, instead of setting it, but not showing.
      • The DBS couldn’t be extended without breaking it first.
      • Portal Controllers lost their UID when a frame next to them had been broken & replaced.
      • Diagonal portals should now render correctly.
  • Updated Extra Utilities 1.0.2 - 1.0.3pre1
    • Added
      • Generators
  • Updated GasCraft -
    • Changed
      • Nether's Plasma Fluid is now twice the temperature of lava
  • Updated Highlands 2.1.7 - 2.1.7a
  • Updated IndustrialCraft 2.0.354 - 2.0.389
    • Changed
      • Scaffold recipe, now gives only 4 scaffolds
    • Fixed
      • Crops being clickable
      • Crops not being upgradeable
  • Updated JABBA 1.0.3 - 1.1.1
    • Added
      • New Upgrade System
        • Tiers are now called structural upgrades. They don't require the previous tier to craft but still require to be applied in order.
        • Structural upgrades open slots for core upgrades.
        • Core upgrades are applied to add fonctionnalities to the barrels.
        • Storage upgrade will add 64 stacks of storage and takes one slot
        • Redstone upgrade let the barrel emit redstone on the faces with a Redstone facade
        • Hopper upgrade let the barrel auto output on the sides with hopper facades
        • BSpace upgrade let the player sync multiple barrels
        • Side upgrades are used to specify which side is active for a given core (Redstone, hopper). They do not take slots
        • Stickers are now side upgrades.
        • It is possible to remove upgrades using the hammer. The hammer can be configured to remove a given core upgrade by shift+clicking when not looking at a barrel.
        • Upgrades applied to a barrel can be seen when holding an upgrade, the tuning fork or the hammer in your hand.
      • Diamond Dolly, it allows the player to move spawners and has 6 uses
      • Localisation
      • Config option to modify structual upgrades to different materials
      • Creative Tab
      • Tooltip descriptions of upgrades
      • Void Core Upgrade
      • Quality of Life Storage Upgrade
    • Changed
      • Unless that have a hopper core upgrade, barrels do not tick anymore
      • All recipes now use the OreDict whenever possible
      • Stickers can now be applied on top an bottom. The display will be aligned with the front of the barrel
      • Rendering of barrels so it is less laggy
      • Font texture on different types of barrel texture
      • Glint has been removed for magical items
      • Dollies will now show in their tooltip what they are transporting
    • Fixed
      • Stacks not dropping properly when hit from a low angle
      • Bug with multiblock chests from betterstorage
      • Recipe problem with LP Autocrafting tables
      • Hopper missing check for stack size when inserting in a ISidedInventory
      • Race condition over the state fine in SSP
      • Crash when removing BSpace interface before a sync is completed
  • Updated Logistics Pipes -
    • Added
      • Fuzzy Crafting Upgrade
      • NEI support for full scale mode for the request table
    • Changed
      • Adjusted Item speedup
    • Fixed
      • CraftingTemplate.canCraft returning false
      • RF ratio
  • Updated Lycanite's Mobs 1.4.2 - 1.4.4
    • Too many changes to post here, please view the changelog here: Link
  • Updated Magical Crops 3.1.6 - 3.2.0beta6
    • Too many changes to post here, please view the changelog here: Link
  • Updated Mariculture 1.1.4e - 1.2.0e
    • Too many changes to post here, please view the changelog here: Link
  • Updated Mimicry -
    • Fixed
      • Potential Bug with the recipe configs where the noDustRecipes config wasn't working the same
  • Updated MineFactoryReloaded 2.7.4-255 -
    • Added
      • Repair-only mode for AutoAnvil
      • AutoSpawner config blacklist
      • Plastic bag
      • Sacred Rubber Sapling
      • Ejector can move fluids too
      • Support for TC4 manapods
      • ProjectRed dye tree support
    • Changed
      • Recipes for NeedleGun, SPAMR, ammo
      • TE Recipe for PortaSpawner
      • Passenger rails can pick up & drop off mobs when powered by redstone
      • PortaSpawner reacts to minecarts
      • Planter&Fertilizer will only accept usable items from pipes
      • Harvester only harvests connected blocks for trees
      • Potion effects for drinking MFR liquids
      • MagicalCrops support moved to MagicalCrops' side
    • Fixed
      • AutoAnvil eating output items
      • Water flowing over conveyors
      • Needles render again
      • HarvestCraft support, thanks to delta534
      • Error spam with empty IC2 crop sticks
      • Laser drill lag issue when beam cannot form
      • Ruler sometimes resetting before measurement can be completed
      • Passenger rails
  • Updated MobiusCore 1.0.4 - 1.0.5
  • Updated NEI Addons 1.9.4.r51 -
    • Added
      • Support for MPSA In-Place Assembler
    • Fixed
      • NPE when looking up produce recipes for bees/saplings with missing NBT Data
      • Fake item causing crashes if it's enabled but not used by anything
  • Updated Opis 1.1.2 - 1.1.3
    • Updated to latest MapWriter
  • Updated QuarryPlus 1.0.1 - 1.0.3
  • Updated RemoteIO 1.9.3.a- 1.10.0-b2
  • Updated Sync 2.1.0 - 2.1.1
    • Fixed
      • Issue with RF implementation causing instant shell creation
  • Updated WAILA 1.4.4b - 1.4.5a
    • Changed
      • Reworked the detection system to move it in the client tick instead of rendering tick
      • More cached things for optimization
      • Removed dependency on NEI
      • Removed some BC related energy display
      • Redstone wires will now use the redstone dust icon
    • Fixed
      • NBT data with a size > 32k no longer crashes
      • Magic Compass bug by not rendering tooltip when UI is hidden
      • Fix for IC2 Module

    Config Changes

  • Advanced Genetics
    • Shifted all of the item IDs, Items will disappear
  • ATG
    • Coordinates 0, 0 will be in a temperate zone
    • Modified HeightMultiplier, HeightOffset, MoistureMultiplier and Moisture NoiseScale
    • Disabled Coral Reef and Kelp Forest
  • Backpacks
    • Enabled Ender Backpacks
  • Big Reactors
    • Disabled the requirement for Obsdian Glass and steel (instead of iron)
  • Biomes O Plenty
    • Enabled all biomes
    • Disabled Pixies
    • Increased smoothing for grass, leaves and water colour
  • ChickenChunks
    • Decreased Clean up Time of orphaned chunks to 0 ticks
  • Chisel
    • Disabled Limestone Generation
  • CoFH Core
    • Complete Rework of World Gen
  • Emasher Core
    • Increased Limestone and Red Sandstone per chunk
  • EnderIO
    • Decreased energy cost of fused quartz
    • Enabled Hard Recipes
  • Enhanced Portals
    • Enabled Custom Nether Portals
    • Enabled Thermal Expansion Recipes
    • Disabled Vanilla Recipes
  • Forestry
    • Now uses Normal Difficulty Configs
    • Dungeon Loot now rarer
    • Disabled a lot of console output
    • Disabled Version Checker notice
  • Lycanites Mobs
    • Changes Spawning habits of multiple mobs
  • Numina
    • Ignore speed boosts for FoV
  • Magical Crops
    • Enabled ability to get essence seeds
    • Disabled chance of getting Magic Essence from Magical Crops
  • Mariculture
    • Disabled Never Hungry, The One Ring and Timelord enchants
    • Increased speed of auto fisher and decreased speed of fishing net
    • Increased growth of kelp and spread chance of moss
    • Increased Vein size of limestone
    • Decreased Maximum vein size of natural gas
    • Changed Rutile to spawn a vein per every 250 limestone (was 128)
    • Made Coral Reef rarer
    • Decreased Kelp Forest Density to 0
  • MFR
    • Increased Search Distance when searching for tree parts
    • Added dyes, wood and saplings to the unifier blacklist
    • Disabled Vanilla Ice override
    • Increased Steam Turbine MJ Cost to 16
  • Random Things
    • Decreased Chance of Whitestone in dungeon loot
  • Thermal Expansion
    • Disabled pulverising of wool
    • Disabled Florbs
    • Increased output of pyrotheum in a magmatic dynamo to 2000000